Thursday, September 8, 2011

Help - Part 2

First, thank you for the suggestions and help.  However, either I am dumb as a stick or............. well, as you can tell - its not working.

Before Blogger's last change, those fixes would have worked.  I just took a rather poor quality photo of my screen so you can see what I see.  (Or more importantly what I don't see)

In the settings section related to comments - this is what I see.

No option for comment placement, imbedding, etc.   Bahhhhhhhh!   Is it just me??  Am I missing something???   This new blogger design is annoying me.



  1. I see what you mean. I tried the new version but there was a choice to revert to the old one and I didn't like the new version and I reverted. I can't tell you where to look but there was a place to click to revert to the old one. Maybe someone can help you on Blogger help. JB

  2. Girlfriend I hear your frustration! I wish I could help you. This is why I never change the format to my blog. My menopausal brain is in a constant state of fog. I'm sure in today's world If you asked a kindergartener they could tell you exactly what to do!

  3. Now I remember. It's on the top right side of your Dashboard page . It ask you to try the new interface and when you click on it also gives you a choice to revert to the old interface. See if you can find it. JB

  4. Yeah, just change it back, I couldn't find anything at all on that page. Not to mention it is a terrible design, to much white space.

  5. I am no help at all. I haven't tried to change anything lately, and frankly, I'm afraid to even look after all the trouble people are having.

  6. I am right now looking at the new blogger format. I don't like it and will go back to the old format! You could go back to the old format and then do what the last 2 people on the last post said to do. I actually looked to see if my comment box popped up or what and changed mine from their comments! Hope that helps!

  7. help here...things were working hunky dorey for me (for a change), so I never opted to check out the new format....Lemme know if you haven't been able to "go back" or figure it out and I'll do some playing around....Good luck....Robin

  8. BTW....I used to prefer the "embedded" messages as well and that was how I had my comments set up - but when folks started having interface issues, I changed to the pop up because I figured not everyone would be willing to change their web browser just so they could comment on certain folks' blogs. And, actually, now, I really don't mind the pop up version - when I comment, I can still see most of the post (so I remember what the heck I'm commenting about!)....Robin

  9. I just tried to leave a comment and it disappeared so I KNOW I can't help you! LOL!
    I just hope your blog doesn't disappear!
    Cathy G
    Will try leaving this again!

  10. Hi Kim,
    That new version s-cks! I went back to the old version because with the new one the choices seem very limited.
    Go back to the old version (until they don't offer it any more!) and do what April D. said to change your comments back to imbedded.\
    And that Blogger help forum is a JOKE!!!