Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Put on your big girl panties......

No matter how much you love your job, there are always some parts of it that are less than pleasant. 
And of course, human nature being what it is, we always put off, delay, procrastinate those little chores that we dislike.

Well, I couldn't put this particular part of my job off any longer.  Uhmm, well I could have but then I would have ended up on the shit list at work - and nobody wants to get on that list!

Somedays you just gotta put on your big girl panties and deal with it !!

So that's what I did.  I put on a nice crisp white shirt (to look professional), a little extra make-up (to distract), some high heel shoes (to click when I walk in), and my big metal cuff bracelet (because it always makes me feel like Wonder Woman)

Now that's over with for awhile.  Phew!     I wasn't the only one who had to put her big girl panties on today.  Miss Millie had an appointment at the groomers.  She was looking awfully shaggy last night in the photo. 

Here she is again -- all pretty and waiting for her treats for being such a good girl.

That is her serious "GIVE ME A TREAT" face.   

  There was a treat on the end of my fingers a split second before the camera shutter clicked.  She swooped in a snatched it that quick. 

Ahhh, tomorrow - mid week.  Also the monthly management meeting.  Think of me tomorrow - I may need to find a 2nd pair of those special undies !  I do not look forward to these meetings.


  1. Hmmm, I guess sometimes you have to buy the Big Girl panties in a six pack. Do they come in colors???
    Hope your meeting goes well.
    Millie looks really cute with her new hair cut. She deserved that treat for being a good girl. Bless her little heart!

  2. You are so very brave, and smart. I hate those take a big breath days and just plunge in.
    I love the picture of Millie. She looks so cute.
    Well, glad you made it through.

  3. I think that you should take Pat's advice and buy the Big Girl Panties in a six-pack. You would definitely be ahead of the game.

    I hope that your meeting goes well and if things doesn't go your way, just take of one of the high heel and bang it on the table. My friend Anne did that at a meeting where they were ignoring her request and she got their attention and she also got what she was asking for. I admit, she's a little dramatic but she almost always get her way.

    Millie is cute as a buttonl. Hugs, JB

  4. Ok, Pat and Julia.....if I buy a 6 pack of those Big Girl Panties......does that mean I have to go commando one day??? LOL

  5. Oh,boy ~ you're funny!!! I say reward yourself with a nice cocktail at 5:05 as soon as work is over ~ you'll have that to look forward to! So glad I don't have to work out in the public but still have my stresses here in my office for one!!! Good luck tomorrow!!!

  6. Ohhh... I just hate meetings of any kind. It's hard to stay focused! Especially when some people drone on, and on, and....zzzzzzzzz...

  7. It sounds like you have er under control and love the comments you're getting here! LOL! Friday will be here before you know it! Even Millie deserves special "girls under stress treats" this week for her grooming ordeal!
    Such a sweetie!!
    Cathy G

  8. Love the cuff bracelet...I'll have to remember that...I could use the Wonder Woman power right now!!

    p.s. Millie is looking extremely cute!

  9. OMG Kim ~
    You are just too funny. That comment about going commando made me laugh out loud. Maybe you can find some with the days of the week embroidered on. Remember those?
    Pug hugs :)

  10. You go girl and buy a six- pack of those Big Girl Panties and you'll see how things will run smooth like a well greased machine at the office, ha,ha... JB

  11. One thing I can say about my job...I've never had to wear high heels in the operating room..although the special panties have been brought out on a few occasions. Good luck with your meetings Kim!

  12. Seize the day and face the beast no matter what size you wear!! Good Luck!

  13. Good for you and your big girl undies!! It's never fun though! Millie looks so darned cute!

  14. Are you sure you don't work at the same place I worked??? Hmmmm...maybe not - we had those h-sessions 3 times a month because the director thought she needed to "express" herself... (Don't get me started....)

    Yeah - looks like you may have to go Commando one day a week - just don't do it the same day you go braless on the beach - or who knows what kind of world frenzy you'll create... ;o)

    Give Miss Millie another treat for me....she's so cute she deserves it....

    Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  15. Yah... I don't like meetings either and I have 2 of them today and, truth be told... they are both with the "Department of redundancy"... lol! Millie looks so cute!

  16. You crack me up, girl! You go!
    And the pic with the treat shows how tiny Miss Millie is. I had no idea she was so petite! Cutie patutti!
    I'm havin' a ball in the new convertible, but it's only going to be 65 degrees today....boo hoo.
    It's great to be "back".
    xo, Sheri

  17. Yeah, the size of Millie is always surprising!! And she's got that "give me the treat.... NOW!" look. I think its a good idea for you to oblige.

  18. I know all about those days. Oh how I hate them.you are so funny I like the high heels clicking.