Monday, December 27, 2010


I suppose since we had a snow-free Christmas, Mother Nature decided to give us an extra portion today.   Snow, followed by freezing drizzle makes a mess.  The roads are covered in a heavy slush and many of our backyard trees are bent over from the weight of the heavy snow.

I took these photos this morning in my backyard.
So that means there is nothing to do today except eat more leftovers (and cross my fingers that the power stays on).


  1. we have a foot of snow and it is still snowing. I hope we don't get the freezing drizzle.
    We are tucking in and doing a bit of house work.

  2. Wow! This storm made it all the way up to you already? We managed about 18"-20" from it.... weather man says 50 by Friday! Can't wait for that! Stay safe & I hope the power stays on for you!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Looks very cold though! Stay warm and enjoy the leftovers!

  4. That is a bunch of snow. Wow, I guess that is all you can do today. Try and stay warm and maybe you can get some hooking in. I do hope the power stays on for you too. But it does look really pretty.

  5. All of this wet, cold, snowy weather went to the north of us. We are dry and cold.

  6. Kim, I read your post prior to this one and just love your photo with the little one. I wish that my hair was as thick as yours. I didn't had time to leave a comment. I love the photos of the beautiful snow cover on the tree.

    Here we got about 3 to 4 inches of heavy snow and the wind has blown all the snow from the trees.

    I hope that the power stays on at your place. You might want to look into getting a small gas generator for when the power goes out and get someone to show you how to run it. It seems that we are getting bad weather more often now.

    Enjoy your time away from work. All the best. JB

  7. Heres hoping the power stays on.
    Julia has a good idea about a generator. We have one in the motor home if we ever needed to keep warm from a power outage we could just fire it up and stay in the motor home.
    Finish up those left overs and I have cookies if you need them.

  8. Hi Kim - sure looks like a heavy snow - one to remember. The ice is beautiful but oh dangerous. Hope you are safe and warm

  9. Hi Kim,
    Will you beat me over the head if I say the snow pictures are beautiful???
    We didn't get a flake, but our power was out today due to the wind. Hope you don't get the terrible wind on top of everything else.
    Keep warm and safe!

  10. Kim ~
    Beautiful pictures!!! I hope the power stayed on!
    Hugs :)

  11. Such lovely pictures. Hoping your power stays on and you stay nice and warm!

  12. Oh yeah Kim, you got gifted with a goodly amount of snow. Hope your power stayed powered up! Kim! Now that's a great excuse to munch the leftovers!

  13. Hi Kim

    Well, our snow is gone again with heavy rain this are right about crazy weather but hope it stays green.

  14. We have been covered in ice and snow!
    I hope your electric stays on! That would do me in...