Monday, December 13, 2010

Nagging....with results

As I am sure you remember, I have been moaning and whining about waiting for my new cutterhead to arrive.  Every stinking day I almost attacked the mailman and nothing!

Last week I even checked my credit card statement and the charge came off on Nov 22.  It should have arrived.  I have ordered other things from the US and they arrived.  For the last week I debated emailing the company but I didn't want to be one of those bitchy customers always complaining about the service.

So, I waited......but today I cracked.  I sent a polite email, just inquiring if they were able to track shipments as mine had not arrived yet and even included my shipping address, if that would help locate the shipment.   Within a half hour I got an email back that said "THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  We lost the paper with your address and had no way to ship.  We assumed after a couple of weeks when your parcel didn't arrive you would contact us."  After another apology she said it was arriving expedited UPS and sent me a tracking number. 

I replied back immediately and thanked her for the quick response and explained that I hesitated sending the email because I didn't want to be a nag.   BUT nagging worked this time!  Its on the way!

And in another nagging twist, remember last week I was yapping about how I nag all the time at work for late reports?  Well this morning I was waiting for the "Monday Morning Reports" from each department.   Note: they are called the "Monday Morning Reports"  NOT Monday Afternoon Reports or Tuesday Reports!!!!  (Hehehehe)

Anyway I had just sat down at my desk this morning for about 15 minutes and Bill's report arrived in the email.  WOW.....he is usually always late.  I was impressed!  So I decided to have a little fun with my nagging.   I emailed the other 5 departments with the subject line "The Race Is On".  The rest of the email said something like "Bill's report has arrived so today he gets the gold star.  Who will be next and who will be the last??   Which one of you will be the last to cross the finish line??

Well, by 10am I had ALL the reports.  And the girls are all wound up now and want to knock Bill off the top next week!   Love it!  Fun, sneaky and very effective.


  1. Oh, Kim ~
    I'm so glad you decided to email the company. I don't think that constitutes nagging. Woo hoo. Hopefully your cutterhead will arrive quickly!!!
    What a clever idea to spur your co-workers on. Hopefully you'll have the reports even earlier next Monday.
    Hugs :)

  2. I'm glad you emailed them or you would have never got it! That's amazing that they couldn't find your contact information.

    You are starting to sound like my 6 yr old son! lol When we get home from the bus stop he always says "Who ever is last doesn't win"! lol Gotta love it that that still works with adults!


  3. Kim, I'm so proud of your nagging abilities. JB

  4. Wow I am impressed. First of all about the blades, who knew, and how you turned that around. You are a total genius.
    Nice post Kim, I enjoyed it today.

  5. very postive results from nagging. my husband on the other hand does not respond to nagging I have tried ha

  6. Way to go Kim! On both things, the cutter and the competition for reports!!

  7. Now that's what I call creative nagging! Nice work at work!
    Glad you got that cutterhead situation cleared up....... and can lay that anxiety to rest! LOL
    Have a JOYFUL rest of the week!
    Cathy g

  8. Good thinking with the competition at work. There is a reason they are having to bring reports to you rather than you being the one making out the reports. Your creative thinking.
    I know you will love the cutters when you get them, hope they get there really quick.