Friday, December 10, 2010

Busy Bees and a reluctant model

I have been one busy little bee all week.  I could hardly believe when I looked and saw I hadn't posted since Tuesday.

I sat down earlier in the week and made our to-do list.  Then I grouped everything together by store so I don't have to go back and forth.  Genius!!  Once it was all written down, with a plan, it actually looks do-able.   I don't want to jinx it, but I'm slightly optimistic that I might meet my deadline of "done before the 20th".  

I still haven't received my new cutterhead yet!  Arrrgh....  I admit I haven't hooked all week - until tonight.  I want to try and hook a small Christmas gift, so I put the Angel rug on the back burner for now to see if I can get this gift hooked.  (It would go alot quicker if I had my #8 cutterhead but........)
However, this is what I started this evening.  It might be a little pillow?

And, just to break up the evening with a little fun (well, fun for me - not so much for Millie) ......

 She was NOT in the mood for modeling tonight.  The little strap on the hat broke and she didn't want to keep it on her head.  She was trying to escape and I was laughing so the pics are not great.  
Just look at that face!!   I am such a mean Mommy!


  1. Poor Millie, she doesn't look very happy does she? She looks cute though. I love your new mat. It is going to be so cute. Can't wait to see it finished.
    Have fun shopping! Have a nice weekend too.

  2. Way to Go! Hope the organizing of 'The List' makes it possible to get it all done in record time.
    That is going to be the cutest little pillow! Can't wait to see it finished. Now where IS that cutter head???

    Oh my! Millie is so cute, even when she's not in a cooperative mood! Our little furry darlings must think we are totally nuts!

  3. The Snowman is going to be so cute!!!
    Millie is cute too!

  4. Millie looks great! I love your snowman,Cheri

  5. Gee you are so organized Kim, to get your list in order. I'm positive that you'll meet your deadline.

    Millie take the cake.I'm laughing out loud. She is nobody's fool . She doesn't looks impressed the poor thing. She's so darn cute though and lovable. Have a great weekend Kim.

  6. lol Oh my gosh! Millie looks like the little dog on the Grinch! hehehe Your pictures gave me a good laugh too! Isn't it fun dressing up the little dogs! I haven't ever dressed up my dogs I have now. I need to change that! lol

    Have a Great Weekend!

  7. Millie is the best model ever!! What a gal to put up with dress up!! She is too cute.

  8. The trouble with Geminis and their lists, they either forget the list or keep adding to it as they go along.

    Maddy runs when she sees me with the camera case. I wonder why??

  9. Poor Millie, you will have to get her an extra gift for Christmas after enduring her modeling.
    The little JOY mat is going to be really cute.
    Hope your cutter comes soon.

  10. Aw Millie is quiet the little entertainer. She is so cute.
    Honey I do hope you make your deadline. I had read your earlier post about it and guess who wants to be just like you and make it too.
    Maybe after the holidays and everything slows down I can make you some of that Ms Rubys Candy. lol
    I keep thinking you are going to win some.
    Love ya and okay I am off to make me a list and see if we can do this together

  11. very cute!! love the "joy" snowman, too :)

  12. You gotta love a dog in a costume. Whoever receives that little pillow will be overjoyed!!!

  13. hi kim, that joy mat looks great, hope the lime works

  14. Kim ~
    If you looked up the word adorable in the dictionary you would find a picture of Millie!!!
    I am a list maker, too. Trouble is, I don't always get done what is on "the list", but if I didn't make a daily to-do list, I'd probably forget to get out of bed!
    Pug hugs :)

  15. Millie is pretty cute glad things seem under control for the minute.