Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Odds and Ends

Lots of news today.  I seem to be exceptionally chatty lately.  First we are in the middle of another storm.  We are having very weird weather for December.  Just as I got up this morning, around 7am the power went out again.  Another morning of looking through the closet with a flashlight and trying to "put on a face" by balancing a flashlight on a book! Heavy rain and high winds knocked down some trees into power lines.  Luckily it was restored by 10:30 this morning.

But the storm surge along the coast is the real problem. My boss got a call first thing this morning that several cottages near his were flooding.  His cottage is about 20 minutes from mine.  He decided to go check it out.  He came back a few hours later and stuck his head in my office.  He said "You should go check and make sure you still have a cottage".   Seriously??  He said it was bad down his lane.  Cottages completely surrounded by water and large waves crashing up against those closest to the shore.  I decided that there was nothing I could do, so I guess I would rather not see it and be sick about it.  Luckily our cottage is a bit sheltered near the river and we are up high on a bank.  So it would be almost impossible for us to flood, but the storm surge takes away parts of my bank each time. 

These are some pictures I borrowed from other friends who did venture out today.
These locations are about 10 minutes from my place.
  The news report tonight says that the storm system is expected to linger over us for another 18 hours.  I am keeping the furnace up high tonight just in case we lose power again.

Today was Mom's home care.  We had Ruth.  She is one of our regulars and we all love her. We haven't had her for awhile.  We missed her and I thought Mom would perk up when she saw her  but Mom wasn't in a very good mood day and absolutely refused to hug Ruth and wish her Merry Christmas.   Most days she gets excited when Ruth "visits".  But everyday is different, but Auntie and I feel more comfortable when we get one the "regular" workers.  They know all Mom's little signals and know how to respond.    Apparently the schedulers are trying to mix it up so people don't get too attached to their care-takers.  I think that is totally stupid, but I supposed we should be grateful for the help we get.

Last night when I got home I had a package in the mail.  A little gift made for me from a sweet blog friend all the way from California.    (You know who you are!) These little trees  made my day a little brighter.

And saving the best for last.........as of 4:30 this afternoon I am on vacation!!!!  Now lets hope we don't blow away or float down the street!


  1. Oh my gosh Kim! That is scary! I hope your electric stays on tonight. Keep an eye on that water too! Be safe! Sweet little trees!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh My! Be safe! I love your dog by the way and I am a rug-hooker also...SO relaxing isn't it?
    Merry Christmas!

  3. See I shouldn't complain about storms because your storms are just huge. Yay!!! You are on vacation. I am so glad. I don't know but if it gets real cold you have a pine tree to start a fire with. :) Good kindling. I am glad when you are chatty. I really home the storm surge stops soon. I read about it today on my weather place. I was wondering about you.
    Have a great evening.

  4. Happy vacation.
    Hope that storm moves on without anymore damage.

    Merry Christmas

  5. Wow, That is crazy weather! Scary!! We have been having nonstop rain in Southern California.I love the Doggee Christmas picture. I am taking my Shitzu Maulie to the groomer tomorrow so she'll look cute for Christmas,Cheri

  6. Hi Kim,
    The weather looks terrible! I hope your cottage doesn't get damaged. This has been a december of unusually dreadful weather.
    So glad you are having some time off work. Time for enjoying the holidays and doing a few things that are fun and relaxing.
    Millie looks adorable! What a sweet little girl.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  7. Kim ~
    Enjoy your vacation. I am off the whole week and I need it just to try and stay sane. You'd think I'd have time for some hooking, but that hasn't happened yet :(
    I hope the storms subside and your cottage remains unscathed and you don't lose power again.
    Pug hugs to Mom and Auntie (and you, of course!) this Christmas season.
    Merry Christmas :)

  8. Kim, I'm thinking of you too this evening as you get pounded with yet another miserable storm.. The wind is howling here and the rain has fallen all day but has just stopped a little while ago.

    I'm glad that your cottage is on high ground and that you are on VACATIONS. You truly deserve a break. Hugs, Stay warm and safe.
    Merry Christmas. JB

  9. Kim, Hope all is ok there! Holy Smokes hate you having scary weather. The weather has just been behaving terrible. Hope your heat is chugging along. I am so happy you are on vacation!

    Hugs to you, your Mom and Auntie!

  10. so sorry to hear about the storm we have really been very quiet on the storm front. Not even any snow. Hope you cottage is ok. Glad you are on vacation Ihave to work until 2 on Friday but then I am off for a week. ye ha. Merry Christmas

  11. It's always something, isn't it? I sure hope all is well with your cottage and that nature spared it for you! You're such a good person ~ I hope you have a peaceful week and can enjoy your time off!! Merry Christmas to you, Kim!

  12. Wow, those pics look scary, hope your cottage is ok. Keep warm and enjoy your vacation!

  13. OH No! This was the last thing I expected to see on your post tonight. Wow honey I sure hope you are safe! I can not believe what your going through. I will be praying hard that your weather gets back to normal before any more losses.
    You are right on the water aren't you? Wish you did not live so far because I would love to live near water and you...hahaha Well maybe not right now.
    Stay warm tonight and I will be thinking about you
    Merry Christmas

  14. Hi Millie - Eloise here! Thank you for commenting on my blog. Be sure to give your mom lots of extra kisses this Christmas - that insures that you get lots of puppy cookies! My best wishes to you for a very happy Christmas.

  15. Merry Christmas, see you again in 2011. Enjoy the break "we'll" need it....