Thursday, December 23, 2010

A flurry of activity

Actually its more of a "shower" of activity because we are still having rain.  Seems strange with no snow at all.  Almost more like early Spring than Christmas. 

I have hardly stopped for more than 10 minutes since Tuesday night. I have been finishing the shopping and am still delivering gifts.  Last night I delivered the gifts for Mom's friends, and of course that also means having a little visit at each place.  It took all night.  While I enjoyed all the visits, it made me a little sad that Mom isn't able to do it anymore.

This is a picture of my bed this evening.  These are gifts left to be wrapped.
What a mess!  I have alot of work to do before I can crawl into bed tonight.  On a positive note, this pile was twice as high at noon hour.

This afternoon I had a nice treat.  Our former engineer at work retired a couple of years ago.  He and his wife are the loveliest people. This morning he called me and invited me and his former secretary over to his house.  His invitation was "I have a lot of rum and a little egg nog - would you like to come visit this afternoon?"  LOL So we spent a hour or two at their home.  It was great to catch up and when we were leaving he had a flowering plant for each of us.

I thought that was so sweet and thoughtful.  And then when I got home there was another surprise.   Do you remember the "no free lunch guy"? (read here)  He had a bag of lobsters delivered to our house!  That will be a great lunch tomorrow. 

I almost forgot - another good thing today.  I got a text message from my boss this morning.  It simply read "IPAD!!!!"  He is a technology fanatic like me.  He had just bought himself one.  So, half jokingly, I replied back that perhaps now he would sell me his Kindle.  I wanted one for Christmas but waited too long to order (9 week delivery to Canada).  He has only had it since summer so it is almost new.  He replied back almost immediately Yes.  So tomorrow he is leaving it on my desk at work for me to try for a few days and then if I like it he will sell it to me at a "greatly reduced price"!  hahaha

Anyway, I better go get back and tackle that mess on my bed. Wish me luck - the countdown is on!


  1. I think what's on your bed looks manageable! In fact, I want your bed and your room it looks so cozy!!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. So happy for you and what a nice thing to get a Kindle!
    Have a lovely Christmas.

  3. WOW, Kim! What an exciting day!!!
    You sound so happy and upbeat. The eggnog must have been good! LOL!!!
    How cool that your boss is going to sell you his Kindle!
    Enjoy those lobsters!

  4. Merry Christmas, Kim!! Enjoy that Kindle :) Back to my pile of presents to wrap - oh for a "real" eggnog right now ;) -Tammy

  5. Kim ~
    For as busy as you are, you seem cool as a cucumber. How wonderful you can find the time to deliver presents and visit with friends.
    Merry Christmas to you, Mom, Auntie and Millie.
    Pug hugs :)

  6. Kim, you're like me, a last minute wrapper. I got it all done except a couple of bottles of wine needs to be bagged.
    I love your bedroom. Lobsters, what a treat and a Kindle. You're on a streek of good luck. Happy Holidays Kim. Hugs, for for all of you. Merry Christmas. JB

  7. As busy as you are you have many blessing to have so many friends. I love the rum with a little egg nog. Have a wonderful day.
    take some time to put your feet up.
    merry Christmas

  8. Hi Kim, Have a great Christmas you deserve it! Cheri

  9. Kim it isn't lookin too bad, NOW! Lobsters, a little nog and a lotta Rum AND a Kindle! Good for you! You will love your Kindle, I have a Nook and I love reading books on an eReader.

    Merry Christmas Eve Kim!!

  10. Lucky you, Kim - A Kindle - every readers dream. I know you will enjoy it and have many hours of happiness from it. Eloise wishes Millie Merry Christamd and all of Millie's loved ones too.

  11. Kindle - now that is something I'll like to look at, I'm now wondering how clear the screen is.

    Lobster what a treat!!! Enjoy.

  12. Sounds like things are definitely looking up for you, Kim! Lots of fun and festivities! Love the invite... "A lot of rum and a little eggnog!" That's my kind of friend! ;-) Merry Christmas to you and your friends and family!

  13. Kim...a very Blessed and Happy Christmas to you.