Saturday, December 18, 2010

I should be baking cookies

There are not enough hours in this weekend.  My real Christmas tree was brought into the house Tuesday night and put in the stand.  All I have done to it since then is add water to the tree stand.  It is still completely naked - not a light - not a glittery ball - no angel or star -----Nothing!

This morning I tackled the "list" again.  I went to the liquor store first.  You always need some extra bottles of wine for hostess gifts and such.  I ended up with a cart full.  (Mostly it was all for gifts)  But I was too embarrassed to finish getting what I needed.  I'll make a second trip Monday to a different outlet!  Its not ALL for me.  We have alot of company over the holidays.  But it looked bad.

This evening was my favorite event - the Lefurgey Family and Friends Party!  More food than you can imagine and lots of laughs.  I got home  a bit ago and foolish started looking at some blogs.  It is now 10:25pm and I have to start making cookies for a Family Cookie Exchange tomorrow.  

Now many of you may know - I am not a baker.  More disaster stories than I care to remember.  So cross your fingers that these turn out half way edible or else I will have to start again tomorrow morning.  I am making Nutmeg Logs (mainly because the recipe sounds easy, but they look like they might take some effort)  :)
This is what they are "supposed" to look like
I just hope I don't give anyone food poisoning tomorrow!!  lol


  1. That is so funny, I wish I was close I would have made cookies for you. :) I can make cookies. Well, now that I say that nothing will turn out. I can't make candy or fudge. Never, it always flops.
    I had to laugh about the wine in the basket. That is so funny, at least maybe you didn't see anyone you know that will go around and say, " I saw Kim and man you should have seen the booze.":)
    I remember buying beer to kill slugs and I was so afraid I would see one of my Bible Study gals,Thankfully I didn't.
    You have to write about your cookies, I am dying to find out and the saga of your cutter blades is just so funny.
    Have fun tomorrow. Hey, just say you are going all green this year for your tree,

  2. Oh Kim! The wine thing-too funny! My best friend from kindeegarten and I used to talk about buying the wine all the time. We take wine to friends and family and have company too and shoot there is only, what, 2 and half glasses of wine in a bottle. Well guess it depends on how big the wine glass is? If we were all closer Farm Girl would bring the cookies and I would bring you some wine and who knows how much fun could be had?! The Nutmeg Logs look very good, you will do great with that new stove and all!

  3. I agree! Never enough hours on the weekend! I'm voting for 5-day weekends and 2-day work weeks! How's that sound? LOL! Those cookies look delicious!

  4. you made me laugh about buy liquor. It is true that you worry about what they think but really who cares. Do you really know those people. and they are saying Good god I need to go to her house it looks like a lot more fun than my house Ha!