Saturday, August 14, 2010


Today is the 2year anniversary of the passing of my dear friend Tim. Another reminder that cancer SUCKS.
As we did last year, friends and family will gather at his family's home today. Tim would have enjoyed this. There will be food, drinks, stories, laughs and tears.


  1. Enjoy your day with friends and family remembering Tim.
    Yes cancer does suck.

  2. Yes it does. I lost my precious step-mom to breast cancer in 1992, and now my hubs has undergone treatment for prostate cancer.

    Remember Tim, and the good times.

  3. Sorry for your loss. This sounds like a great day in his honor.

  4. Yes, too many good people gone to a nasty disease. Good that you are gathering to think about better times with your friend.

  5. So sorry about your friend but how wonderful you gather to celebrate his life! I concur ~ cancer does suck!!!!!!!!
    Pug hugs :)

  6. What a wonderful tribute to your friend, gathering together to share

  7. Sounds like a perfect way to honor a dear friend and yes, cancer indeed does suck!

  8. Hey honey
    Yes cancer does suck and I am sorry for your loss but what a great way to remember your friend. I think more people should do this.
    We are worried about my baby brother. The doctors think he may have throat cancer and hopefully soon we will know the results. My heart hurts thinking he might.
    Girlfriend your comment on my post today made my day and believe me I needed a laugh. Darn you are funny. I am so glad you left that comment.
    Sorry to read your post before this that your vacation is going fast. I am beginning to wonder if I am ever going back to work myself. The sad thing is I have not enjoyed but maybe two hours out of these months being off. lol
    Did you enter my CSN giveaway it is for $70.00 and Canada is included. So get your funny self over there if you have not and put your name in the pot.
    Love ya

  9. I am sorry about your friend. I hope you have a better day and the days will get a little better. Just remember the good times you had together. Enjoy the day with his family and friends. May God bless you each day. kim