Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A little pillow talk

Oh Baby..... Lay down beside me.....Ahhh, you are so soft......

Alright, before I get carried away....and all of you get the wrong idea.....

I finished hooking my long narrow pillow.  It measures 11 x 27 inches.
I picked up this little pattern at Deanne's shop.  I really like it so I'm making another.  Same dimensions, same colors but with a different motif - wavy squiggles I think.

I hope they will make a handsome couple!


  1. You are too funny--and the pillow is too cute!!

  2. That old movie brings back some memories.

  3. That's a great looking pillow! Love your color choices and the light background! I'll check to see if it's on her website...

  4. Nice Pillow, did you design the leaves down the sides , now that is a classy touch.

  5. Hi Kim, thanks for visiting my blog and for singing as a follower. I love your pillow very much and I'll be waiting for the other one to be born. Lol... I really like the simplicity and the colors. I visited your RHD page and noticed that you had your blog link at the top of the page but when I clicked it, it didn't took me to your blog. I've discovered that if I underline the link with the U icon, my blog can be open by clicking on it and a little hand icon appears. See you around blogspot. JB

  6. Yes Kim, you did fixed the link connection. I tested it out and it works great. Have a great day. JB

  7. Good Morning Kim! I been snooping over here and reading, found you thru Julie at Dog Trot. And then this morning I see your sweet funny comment on my blog. Thank you for following :) I love your pillow too! Maybe between you and Julie, Katie at Primitive Woolens and Patty at SaltboxWoolens I can learn a thing or two or lots about hooking. I will be back to read, I love your sense of funny!

  8. Kim honey I really do like this pillow. It turned out really pretty. Wow you are just so gifted.
    Yep I am sorry about the giveaway I counted and recounted before I announced the winner. I just knew you were going to be the lucky one this time. don't give up there will be another one.
    I caught up with you while I was here and no that was not your feet keeping you awake in the previous post. OMG how funny!
    You and I need to get a
    Love ya

  9. I like the size of that pillow. I sure envy that you can pop into Deanne's to shop...