Sunday, August 8, 2010

A first

This is a first --- I am blogging from the cottage.  This is HUGE.  For most of the past 20 years (minus the last 3) I have moved to the cottage from the end of May to October.  It was my little getaway. Mom illness changed that routine, but I am spending the weekend here.  I needed a break, so I put the support system into action and I ran away. 
Now 20 years ago, if I needed to make a phone call, it was a 3 mile drive up the road to a payphone.  Then after a few years cell phones came to be but cell towers were rare in the beach area so you had to sit in one certain spot in the cottage to get reception (if the wind was blowing in the right direction).  God forbid if you sneezed or moved your head during a call - you would lose the signal.   Well, that has improved but imagine my delight when, only moments after my arrival, my neighbor knocked on the door and handed me his security code for wireless internet!!!!!!   OMG blogging and facebooking from the beach......WOW its a whole new world!  LOL
This morning I had my coffee on the deck overlooking the Tidnish River.
A little overcast but perfect otherwise.   And of course there is the perfect beach attire...........

Yup, flannel jammies and fuzzy socks!   Hot, right?  HAHAHA  And sadly I should admit that I wore them until 2pm.  Then I changed into a sloppy tank top and cut off sweat pants.  Oh yeah --- I am a style demon!   But isn't that what the beach is all about?
Millie has settled in nicely.  She has her favorite little nest.

And then there is Sophie.  Today we are dog sitting for the neighbors.  Darling Sophie is a 13 year old black lab, sweet as can be.  Millie met her her very first night as part of my family.  Maybe that is why Sophie is the only dog that Millie will tolerate.  Even though she is out-weighed by about 70 pounds she isn't afraid of her.  Except she doesn't like sharing her treats. 

 She is mildly ticked off here, but she got over it.  After Sophie's little snack she settled on the floor at the foot of Millie's nest and all is good.

I still can't believe I am blogging from the cottage.  COOL!


  1. Enjoy yourself. We all need to take a break once in awhile, especially if we are caregivers.
    I love the flannel attire, that is the way we look all week when we have our hooking retreat.

  2. I'm so glad you got wireless connections at the cottage! You would get separation anxiety being away from all of us for too long! LOL!
    Millie looks perfectly contented!
    Cathy G

  3. Yippeee! Enjoy your time at the cottage! Do whatever your hearts content! Millie looks really cute is her little nest!

  4. I hope you get a good rest. It is so important for caregivers to take care of themselves. And the cottage is why God created "comfy" clothes!

  5. So happy you are getting some R&R cottage time - and your wardrobe is perfect, by the way!!! Thanks for the comment re the pillows - just wanted you to know that everything on all for is from my stash. Nothing dyed - everything as is, and a lot of textures. Thanks again.

  6. Kim ~
    I'm sure your get-away at the cottage was a much needed respite that you deserve. What fun that you had wireless internet. Oh, I do love technology, though I am very challenged by!
    Pug hugs :)