Friday, August 20, 2010

Free lunch??? Hardly...

It really is true that there is no such thing as a free meal!  Tonight this cliche rang true.   We have a family friend visiting from Ontario.  He and his sisters grew up in this neighborhood and although they left over 50 years ago, they all still visit us whenever they are in Nova Scotia. The sisters were close friends of my Mom.

Now, I need to preface this with the fact that this man is very, very kind and generous.  But (you knew there was a but...) he can be a little, well, abrasive - obnoxious - you get the idea. I would say he is an acquired taste! 
I really believe he doesn't mean to come off that way, but he just does.

He insists that on each visit he takes us out for dinner.  Tonight was the night!  The plan was to go to a little family-style restaurant in a nearby town.  We go there often but if you don't time it just right - there is a line.  And trust me, waiting in a line with Mom ---- no picnic.  So he arrived to pick us up late and sure enough - a huge honking line!

So we try 2 more places - same deal.  I'm hungry, I have a headache starting, and Mom is not on her best behaviour.  As you can imagine, the evening
is starting to circle the drain.
Oh yeah, did I mention that he is hard of hearing and Auntie is a "low-talker".... (Remember that Seinfeld episode?   hahahah).  

So there was alot of "What did she say?"   "Huh?"   "I can't hear what she is saying"   OH Mother Hubbard........where is that Advil???   At this point I made an executive decision and we found a place.  Basically a diner attached to a gas station.  LOL  I know - but I was starting to get the dark thoughts!  heheh

Naturally, he was not happy with his meal.  If you order Chicken Parmesan in a diner attached to a gas station, do ya really think its gonna be gourmet???? By the time the waitress came back to ask if we wanted dessert, I almost choked to death spitting out the words "no thanks, just the bill". 

OK, I'm home, I'm blogging, I'm gonna be hooking in about 5 minutes,  calm, relax, its over for another year.


  1. LOL too funny. You should offer a quick trip through McDonald's next year or Chinese Take-Out that would show him!!
    Second Option teach him the word "reservation"

  2. Kim your day may have had it moments, but it's moments like this that makes blogging hilarious. Good stuff. This would make a good TV show... JB

  3. Oh dear! Been there, done that. Glad you survived!

  4. LOL! You are an excellent writer! I can picture this all in my mind as though I were watching a movie. A funny one, at that! :-) It's weird how some of the most uncomfortable situations can all make us laugh when we can sit back and talk about them as being in the past! LOL!

  5. Kim, thanks for my morning laugh :-) I love the cat photo!

  6. Oh Kim so happy it is over for you. I did get a couple laughs tho. Love the cat also.
    Next year have it catered in and let him pay for it.

  7. Hi Kim, thanks for your kind words for my sick little twin calf. He's 2 weeks old today and so far he's managed to stay alive. He still cant stand up. JB

  8. Oh Kim, cryin' laughin' this morning with this post. I can relate to this post in so many ways. We have some hearing impaired members of our family and while I know they can't help it I have to remind myself to use my quiet voice after a day of speaking loudly. I love that kitty. I hate waiting in line for dinner, I just can't do it!

  9. Love your writing style and can so relate to the oncoming headache... we have all been there with family or friends at one time or another.

  10. Pretty funny ~ at least from this end of your words!!! I think the thing that keeps us sane, is our sense of humor!! You've got a good one!! Hang in there!