Sunday, August 15, 2010

Less than 10 hours less than 10 hours my vacation will be over and I will be back behind a desk.  I'm not really complaining as I know I am lucky to have a good job.

But my brain is still in random, relaxed, un-focused status.  Boy, tomorrow it had better kick into gear quickly.  LOL  But for the purpose of this post - its still in random mode!

Yesturdays gathering was wonderful.  Great friends and family and great memories of Tim.  You should have seen the food - Lobster rolls, shrimp, mini tacos, homemade clam chowder, homemade chili, angel food cake with fresh fruit compote and cream.   And of course TIm's Mom wouldn't let me leave empty handed so i arrived home with a large bag of leftovers.  So sweet!

I finished hooking my long pillow but don't want to show it until the backing is sewn on and it's stuffed.  I'm sure I have mentioned about a hundred times that I hate the finishing part, but I will try to have it done this week.

This afternoon I thought I heard a strange noise upstairs.   It sounded like a big belch.......

Yup, my closet threw up!  It was getting stuffed to the max again.  I know, I know....I have too many clothes.   So after seeing the mess it was in I went into a little purging session of my own.  So that pile on the floor has been dropped off at the Good Will Bin.  It filled a large garbage bag.  And there is another garbage bag still in the room 3/4 full that is only suitable for the landfill.  

That worked up an appetite so supper was a priority.  I went to the store and picked up 3 large tenderloin steaks.

Add some fresh string beans, fried mushrooms and new potatoes....Yummmmm.

Dessert -  Chocolate Chip cookies of course.

I think it is a good thing I cleared out some room in my closet because I am sure I gained weight this past 2 weeks.  I might have to buy some new clothes.  Hahaha


  1. Kim, the closet purge...I need to do that. The food looks great. Sorry your vacation is's always difficult to return to work. The anniversary gathering...what a nice way to celebrate Tim's life. Memories. Take care.

  2. Too funny with the closet throwing up! ;-) Your dinner looked and sounded tasty! Good luck with getting your thoughts back into work mode today!

  3. Maybe it's time for a new wardrobe! Have a great first day back at work, can't wait to see the new pillow.