Saturday, August 28, 2010

Diving In

OK, I get the message. Stop thinking and start hooking.

Your comments from my last post.....too funny.  But, in between giggling I did get moving on starting the pillow.

Last night after supper I grabbed the bag of wool.  I must admit that I did struggle for a few minutes with funky thoughts, but I feared that these squiggles might end of looking like flames.  I did not want that.  Makes me think of those guys who wear those shirts with the flames up and down them (trying to look cool)  Yuck!
I have a bit more done today, but I took this photo last night.   The hot humid weather has moved back in again.  So much for the cooler nights!  I guess its still too soon to put the fans away.  I shouldn't complain because I will be whining in January!   But it was too warm to stay inside and hook today.  But I do need to get some more wool cut up.
Again, thanks to the commentors who gave me a nudge!


  1. Glad you jumped, it is nice when the water is fine. Your rug is going to be fine too. It is so nice to meet another rug hooker (do I dare put include myself as a rug hooker???) that has a hard time with colors. I agonize over colors, and if I am not careful I can just sit and rip out the whole rug and start over. I love that about rug hooking. Have fun!

  2. The only hooking I've done (sounds racy, doesn't it?) is with a kit. They've turned out pretty good, and we've framed one. My choice of craft today is painting greeting cards. I had to buy one today, though. Guess I'd better get the brushes and paints out.

    I'm anxious to see your other pillow!

  3. Kim , I typed a comment to your stuck blog but It evaporated somewhere. My comment was to stop thinking and just to stick with your original plan as the first intuition is usually the right one. So glad that you have started on your pillow and looking forward to seeing the finished product. JB

  4. I also have a hard time with color. But like they said just start. when it is nice outside I just can't hook I have to be out in the garden,
    our winters are long

  5. I never know if I should answer you on my blog or just come here and do it, No, I bought it because I had no idea how to get a pattern on cloth so I bought it already done, in 2002 :)I stared at it a long time. The quilt is new for me too. It is slow and because Kaaren has something to look at I do fine.
    So thanks for your kind comments Oh and I have been going to tell you great name. :)

  6. Farm Girl, yes just what is the right way to answer questions and where? I always answer questions back on my blog and comment on questions but I don't know if anyone comes back to read them. Sorry Kim :) I am just impressed you are hookin'. I need to get with the program and get back to it. That is what I love about your blog, I know I am going to learn something here!