Thursday, December 10, 2009

Waiting for the Weekend

This has been a looong week. One more work day with one more big meeting then its done for a few days. Chores are piling up again.
I want to start making (or trying to make) one of the hooked snow people. I nagged Corinne (Momz Wool) to hit the dye pots for some pale shades to add some flavor to these little guys. (I'm not sure - but she may be getting fed up with my wierd shade requests!) LOL Not really - but she does laugh at me alot! I often point to strange things in her house or my office and say - "Look - make me THAT color" . Oooh I just re-read that - I don't mean that she has strange things in her house! hehehe
Anyway I need to make some notes for my meeting tomorrow where I am going to try and talk the BIG Boss into a new program idea. Wish me luck and lets hope nobody gets into his office before me with bad news.

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  1. Kim honey
    So glad you found my site so I could find you. lol
    Left you another comment about the angel rug.
    Your site is lovely and I am going to enjoy being a follower