Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post Christmas Purge

Its not a diet related post. There is still LOTS of yummy leftovers around, and I fully intend to eat them. I'm talking about a annual ritual of purging all the excess crap in my world.

The last few months have been crazy and I have allowed my bedroom to become a dumping ground. It was driving me crazy but I kept using the excuse of Christmas coming and I had no spare time. Well - today that excuse failed. I have spent the past 5 hours purging clothes.
The end result - 5 large garbage bags!! (GASP!) Yes I said FIVE!
I went through my closet with NO MERCY! I had a pile of keeps, pack-aways, and donate-able. I learned a neat trick. If you take a bottle of wine with you........this chore is ALOT more enjoyable!
I will take the garbage bags to the drop off depot for the Adult Bridge Workshop, which is a work program for mentally challenged adults and includes a bakery, laundry and used clothing store. So, not only is my room cleaner and neater, but my efforts should also generate a little income for a good cause. I'll drop them off tomorrow (since I actually did drink a bottle of wine!) I shouldn't get in the car!
Today was clothes, but tomorrow I think I'll attack the other crap lying around. I'm sure I can easily fill another few bags.
We had a lovely quiet Christmas Day. I cooked a huge meal and then we all just relaxed. We needed the break. As I do each Christmas Day - I stole a few hours for myself. Cuddled up by the tree with some wine and a new book. Honestly - it was the best present - a little quiet time.


  1. OMG Kim, you have me laughing! The program you donate to will surely get a boost from all your goodies! Bless your heart! Enjoy the clean closets for the start of a great new year! Cathy G (P.S. thanks for the comments on my blog too~ I always look forward to them!)

  2. Good for you. I need to do the same. I feel like I hoard stuff and I really need to just let go and let someone else use what I don't.