Monday, December 28, 2009

Make me stop......

I need an alternative use for my hands........instead of shovelling food into my mouth! It seems like ALL I have done the past week is EAT.
There is soooo much good stuff around. Lots of our friends sent baskets full of baked goods - shortbreads, donuts, gumdrop cakes, peanut butter balls, cherry surprise.......and I have no willpower.
But, in my defense (OK I realize this is a weak excuse...) Wouldn't it be a shame if I let it spoil and had to throw it away? LOL Sooo, really, I'm being a good person by eating all the food. (Yeah - I'm not falling for that either!)
I think they might have to roll me out the door by next week! I think I might dig out the hooking frame this afternoon so I can keep my hands busy. And MAYBE, I might even fire up the Wii Fit machine tonight! Wow - wouldn't that be something? Of course I may have to wipe the inch of dust off it first, since I haven't used it for awhile.
Hmmmm, maybe I should have a cookie first - You know.....just to build up my strength for hooking........Hehehehe


  1. Yes dig that Wii Fit out, you just had to have it!
    I got the Jillian Micheals DVD's I tried Level 1 without the weighs and I'm still sore.

    So what are you going the hook on now? anything new?

  2. No Way!!! all those treats are well earned for a the year... New Year we make a new start TOGETHER!!! live it up my good woman (0;

  3. Ha, Ha, So happy to know someone else is feeding their face 12 hours a day.....I just sat here to check things before retiring after a busy day,happily though, and grabbed a hand full of licorice allsorts that I just cannot resist, not counting the two "small" pieces of blueberry dessert I made for the first time today. It is toooooo delicious.....such a great time to eat, a short time before going to bed. Ughhh, should have better sense. Nevertheless, in the new year, I will get my exercise equipment out and there will be no more sweets. Let's hope we can give each other a wee bit of encouragement.....Eat up for now, Kim......

  4. Did it work? I mean, seriously, let me know! I have the same fingers are needing to get food in them........

  5. Well.... it didn't really work Jan. I still found a way to stuff my face. But Anne and Sally said it was OK and you are always supposed to listen to advice from friends....Right? LOL