Sunday, December 13, 2009

I think I finally found the Christmas spirit

It took awhile this year for the spirit of the holidays to hit me. All the everyday stuff was getting in the way and decorating and Christmas primping just wasn't a priority. But yesturday it started to creep in slowly.

It began after lunch when a special annual gift arrived at the door. My Auntie worked for a family construction business for over 40 years before retiring 6 years ago. The matriarch of the family has never forgotten us. Mrs. C is 91 years old and still bakes like a professional. She can no longer do the delivering but her daughter makes the visits. She arrived with a large basket full of 2 apple pies, a large Sultana cake, gumdrop cake, and peanut butter cookies.
Then it was time to go to my first Christmas Party of the season. One of my co-workers and dear friends passed away a year and a half ago to cancer. His family has included me in their annual party for extended family and friends. It is a wonderful event. Lots of friends - old and new - and lots of little ones running around in their sparkly dresses. A large beautifully decorated tree. And the FOOD - WOW......Chili, clam chowder, seafood chowder, chow mein, sweet and sour pork, chinese rice, And then a dining room table covered completely in cheese/crackers, chocolates, fudge and assorted sweets. I was so stuffed when I got home I had to lay down and take a Zantac. LOL Always the sign of a good party, eh!
Oh and the little picture of the ornament is what Mrs. L slipped in my hand as I was leaving. She had made a few ornaments for special guests. I love because it was made by Tim's mom, for me.
Ho Ho Ho - I found my Christmas Mojo!


  1. Hi Kim,
    It sounds like you are surrounded by so many loving family and friends! I am glad the Christmas Spirit found YOU! Love that little ornament, one of the cutest I've seen! Merry Christmas my friend! Cathy G

  2. Kim, Christmas isn't what it used to be unless we make it so.

    Still haven't found my Christmas mojo but I will keeping looking!