Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The next few days will be a whirlwind of activity but I did manage to finish 2 snowmen. The one of the left was my first and I learned a few tricks after the construction. I'm going to keep him - crooked nose and all. The one on the right is part of a gift. The recipients are arriving this morning so I was up until after midnight finishing him. They are a cute and fun project, so next year I will start earlier and make several of them for gifts. (Oh yeah - if you noticed they don't have arms yet. Too wet to forage in the backyard for twigs!)
Its my first day of vacation and I have a list of to-do's a mile long. After lunch I have to head to the airport to deliver another Aunt and Uncle to their children in Ontario for Christmas, pick up the turkey, finishing shopping, wrapping, grocery store, wine store (obviously these are not in order of priority! LOL) etc.
You get the idea.
Ho Ho friggin Ho! It will soon be over so I am trying to enjoy the process.


  1. Hi Kim,

    They are adorable....lucky recipient!!!!
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Hi Kim,
    They are marvelous! You better pick up that wine first to be sure you don't forget it! Sounds like you will need it! LOL Be safe in all your travels!
    Cathy G

  3. OMG, they are so nice, what a great job, and you didn't even start with a pattern that I know of.

    Did you make the hats and scarfs? Do they stand up if so how did you do that?