Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hijinx and Hoarders

I survived Halloween with not a clown in sight.  But just in case my fearless protector stood guard at the window until it got dark.
This is her new favourite spot the last few days.  The beggars  (I mean trick or treaters) started arriving around 3:30pm.  All little ones, some princesses, a few ninja turtles and even a frozen snowman.  There are 6 bags of cheesies left in the box so I guess I had 18 little ones at the door.  Around 7pm I took my hiding spot in the back of the house ;)
Now for the hoarder part.  I have a friend who is a self-confessed hoarder.  Not the kind you see on TV, as her house is immaculate but there are rumours about the attic .....LOL.  It doesn't matter what you mention, she can find it somewhere.  The other day I said I wish I had an old cast iron skillet for cornbread.  "I have 5" she says.   OMG - who has 5 cast iron skillets?    Anyway yesterday she showed up for our coffee date with one of them.  Yay!  Seriously, everyone should have a hoarder friend like her.  And Voila
And what goes with cornbread?  A big pot of chili.
Obviously I'm not a food stylist as that picture is a little sad but it tasted great.  Abby had a bath this morning.  Wow, she does not enjoy it.   The bathroom looks like a crime scene and it took me at least 15 minutes to catch her afterwards.  She had "the zoomies" bad and thought my attempts to chase her with a towel was an act of war.   She is now almost dry and has decided she is too tired from her ordeal to remain mad at me
Happy Sunday and hello November 


  1. Wow! Your trick-or-treaters start early! My best guess is that we had about 200. Foz was exhausted from the patrol. I accidentally made corn bread last week thinking i was making chili on taco night!

  2. Good morning, Kim. LOL at the bathroom "crime scene". I wash George out on the front lawn since he's so big. He usually loves water, but as soon as I pull out the hose AND shampoo...he starts the disgruntled dog attitude. LOL He will stand if I hold onto his collar, but as soon as he is, run, run! He will come back to get dried. He loves his head rubbed, so it's a win-win.

    Your chili looks great and since you added cornbread...super yummy! How sweet for your friend to gift you a cast iron pan...

    Hope you and Abby have a great Sunday!

  3. Sweet picture of you and Abby!
    How long does trick or treat last in your town? Sounds like a long time. I had a bag with 130 candy bars in it ~ 129 were gone in 50 minutes (I ate That's 2 years in a row I've run out. I'm sure if I buy more next year, it will be a bust and I'll gain about 8 pounds eating the leftovers.
    Happy day after to you. So happy no clowns came to terrorize you.
    Hugs :)

  4. OMG Abby looks big on this picture.
    We had no Trick or Treaters again this year. I guess the neighbourhood is full of old folks like us. We used to have many years ago. I didn't buy a single treat this time.

    The iron skillet will come in handy. My daughter has at least 5 of different sizes. I wish I had one too. The corn bread and chili sound great.
    Happy November

  5. You got the kids early, we went out to just a few houses after 5 and no one was home yet and the ones that were, were not ready for kids, no one comes to our neighborhood, but i wanted to go for fun and old memories and share them with Nick.

    I cannot lift a pan that heavy, so not for me, lol.


  6. I just had the boys, not a single other kind of trick or treater. I love that picture of you and Abby. I love her new perch too. She looks so cute up there looking out the window. The only way in the world to bake corn bread is in a iron skillet. Your chili looks wonderful. We are going to have two weeks of cool weather so it would be so nice to have chili again. I hope you have a great week.

  7. Your cornbread and chili sounds wonderful. I am a self-proclaimed hoarder too, have a couple cast iron skillets too, but can't admit to having an immaculate house, lol. But did vacuum up a couple rooms and scrubbed the guest bathroom. So I'm making headway to getting ready to accommodate the house/Ben sitter.

  8. I have 4 cast iron fry pans all different sizes. Your corn bread looks yummy and so does the chili. It sounds like fun time in the tubby for the both of you.

  9. I'm glad that you survived the night with no clowns. Sweet picture of you and Abby. We had about 3 or 4 cast iron skillets way back when. My husband liked to use them camping. He makes all sorts of things in them. He made chicken with some interesting ingredients that was very yummy.

    Take care, have a great week, Janet W

  10. Love the picture of Abby resting on you, so sweet. Yummy cornbread and chilly, perfect comfort food.Blessings Francine.

  11. I think your food looks great and I'm glad your friend was willing to share her hoard with you! Abby is so cute and looks very fluffy after her bath. I'm thinking seriously of getting a dog....Jack's not quite on board but will go along with me because he's that kind of fella! I want one that's smaller than we've had in the past so I'll have to let you know what we end up with! I'm going for a shelter dog as there are many that need homes around here. Wish me luck that I can find one as cute as Abby! (but maybe not as ornery!)

  12. Glad you survived Halloween!

    The chili and cornbread look yummy!

    Abby is so cute with you!