Sunday, November 15, 2015

Catching up

Days are just flying by lately so here is a quick catch up post.  Abby is back to her wild self again
Late last week she liberated herself from the cone of shame.  I found it one morning at the foot of the bed.  
But she did so good to tolerate it for a week and she was healed up fine.   Most of what I did this weekend was cook and hook.  Today I tried baked beans with molasses in the slow cooker.  Blah.....its just not the same as baked in grandmas old crock.  I won't be trying them again until I find an old crock.   Believe it or not I am almost finished another rug.  It's about 85% hooked.  I had to stop because I don't have the right color for a few motifs.  I need some dirty mustard wool.  Hopefully Deanne's shop has something tomorrow.  Since this is a gift and I'm never sure who is lurking around here, this is all I can show 
It should be about 20x20 inches when done.  Another busy week ahead.  It's Municipal Government Awareness Week and our brand new Police Station is having its Grand Opening.  Oh, and the Christmas Tree for Boston is stopping in town on its way.   Christmas is getting so close.  


  1. ACK! Please don't say the "C" word. I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week. I am less ready than normal.
    Another rug almost done??? You are just a hookin' fool. Good for you.
    Hugs :)

  2. Wow!! I am impressed with your hooking skills. LOL

    I have a cone of shame story...Miss Kitty was mostly an outside cat. She had an accident, had to wear the cone of shame AND not go outside for six weeks. She hated inside and constantly wanted out. It was a race to the door to see who would get out first. About 5 weeks in, I found her on top of the refrigerator, with her cone STILL on! Miss Kitty got to go outside that day. LOL She lived until 18 years old, the toughest kitty I've ever last kitty...

  3. YAYYYYYY for Abby!! Cute little critter. :)

    I love your rug colors. I have that burgandy color of yarn. I put it with light sage or hunter green for afghans.

    I hope your busy week will have times to relax in too.
    Take care, Janet W

  4. What a busy hooker you've been. You've been a hooking fool and I've been a whipping fool. 20 x 20 is a large rug.

    I'm glad Abby is free from the cone of shame. Smart little thing to take that off herself.

    Looking forward to see your unfinished rug.

  5. It sounds like a busy week for you. How nice you are hooking and cooking.
    Baked beans just never turn out in my crock pot either.
    I am so glad Abby is back to her ole normal self and she doesn't have to wear her head gear. Have a great week.

  6. Free at last...good for Abby. Your new piece looks like a Christmas gift with a holiday theme and at least one animal. Be sure to take a picture of it when all done and before giving the gift; no matter if after Christmas I'd like to see 'the full monty'.

  7. Miss Abby is growing up so fast, she's adorable too!!! I use to have poodles when I was a little girl, she reminds me of mine...happy hooking, you're making me want to hook and I've got so much other stuff to do!
    No idea when I'll get around to even putting up Christmas decorations!!!!

  8. She got herself out of the cone? She must be feeling pretty good!

  9. You are a hooking machine! Good for Abbey she is back to her old self.

  10. Evening, can't blame Abby for taking off that cone of shame, I would hate it on me... Happy hooking my friend,Blessings Francine.