Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cozy fall days

That image is a fairly close depiction of today, except it's missing a rug hooking frame :).  The cool fall temps inspired homemade chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate this afternoon.  And it was time to swap out the quilt on the bed for the winter duvet.   Miss Abby continues to recooperate and is doing just fine.  Despite being a tad clingy today.  But who doesn't want to cuddle with their Momma when they aren't feeling well?
I still want my Mom when I'm sick.   She has attached herself to my lap whenever I sit down but she did nap in her pen while I hooked a bit this afternoon.  She looks pretty comfortable eh!
I put my challenge rug aside for now (it's 95% complete) to work on a few Christmas ideas.
I'm not sure if this will be a gift or not yet so I'm not showing it.  Sorry ;) My last bit of work for the day was making a good old fashioned comfort meal.  Meatloaf and scalloped potatoes.  
Time to settle in for awhile and play with some wool.


  1. I made time to play in the wool today, too, and it was heaven!
    So how long must Abby wear her cone?
    Hugs :)

  2. I made meatloaf too! I stayed home cleaned and caught up with laundry and did not pick up a hook but I did order linen for my challenge rug. Not happy it is Monday so quickly again.

  3. I made scalloped potatoes last night. :) they just are so yummy. Your meatloaf looks good too. I am glad Abby is doing so good. I am glad you had a nice restful weekend. It was pretty quiet here, except I read a book instead of hooked. :) Oh, it was 71 outside and I was freezing to death. I had to get a coat. :)

  4. I'm glad Abby is on the mend. She will bounce back quickly with all the cuddles and love from mama! :)

  5. Oh, your meatloaf looks so good! And scalloped potatoes? A perfect meal. I'm glad that Abby is feeling a bit better. Pretty soon she'll be up and as mischievous as ever. LOL

  6. Poor Abbey, she'll be so glad to have that cone removed soon. I froze part of my meat loaf and it's out of the freezer for tomorrow. Potato scallops sound like a great accompaniment.
    I 'm still whipping and binding another chair pad rug.

  7. Hi there, mmmmm you are making me hungry. :)

    I don't remember Downy having to wear a cone when she got spayed. How long does Abby have to wear hers? She will be healing fast and up and around in no time, with lots of love and cuddles from mom.

    Have a great week, Janet W

  8. Hope Abby heals fast and can get rid of the cone! Sounds like you both had a cozy day!

  9. Love your Comfort Food Meal. Inspiration for tonight's dinner! Abby is a lucky lady to have such a good MOM.

  10. Even with her cone on, Abby looks adorable!!! I myself have learned to stop what I am doing & enjoy the snuggle time too....Abby is very lucky to have you as her Mom!!! Tammy

  11. It's been such a nice and warm Fall but it's cooled down for this week! I love making winter food and the wonderful smells that fill the house! I'm trying to enjoy this month before all the busyness of December! Abby looks like a trouper with her cone! Hope she's healed soon!

  12. Such a good time for "nesting!" Wonderful dinner! You've given me an idea for this week! It sounds like Miss Abby is doing well from her surgery! xo Nellie