Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sweet Dreams

Not a chance!!  We have a little habit of watching the headlines of the news at 11pm as we are getting Mom ready for bed.  Last night, just before I went to bed, in the dark - the news reported a story of a creepy clown terrorizing a small town in England.  

Seriously!!!  That is the LAST thing I want to see before bed.  He dresses up like Pennywise from Stephen King's IT.  His identity is unknown but he goes to different locations and posts the pics on Facebook and he uses the same catchphrase "beep beep".  Shudder

Here is one of the news stories about it.
Or just google - creepy clown England.   There was even one report where he knocked on a woman's door and wanted to paint something (although he had no painting materials)

Ok, if I opened my door at night and Pennywise was there I would lose all control of my bodily functions.  I would probably pee my pants.  Actually, peeing my pants would likely be the best case scenario in that instance! 

This was one of his Facebook posts. Clearly someone is England is "off their meds".   What would possess someone to do this??  CREEPY

It's not good to watch the news before bed.  And needless to say I won't be visiting England anytime soon.   


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH...I'll never sleep tonight!!!

  2. OMG! ROFLMAO!!! I would lose control of all body function too if THAT was at my door at night! Geeeez! I hope he doesn't decide to prank someone with a weak ticker...

  3. He better not show up in the country most of the people here are packing. He could get some lead in his big clown feet.
    Lord that is scary but I did have to giggle now why is that.

  4. I don't want him or her at my door either. That clown looks disturbed and out of place.
    Hope that you can get some sleep with Millie by your side.

  5. This is super weird. I don't know if this is a crime, but it should be! I love Halloween,but this is over the top. Another good reason not to do Facebook!

  6. I love Acorn Hollow's comment!
    Be glad he is across the big pond. I think you can rest easy.
    Hugs :)

  7. That movie creeped me out...will never step over a storm grate. I would hate to open the door and see Pennywise standing there.

  8. Think I just wet myself looking at those very creepy pictures, oh my.....So scary, Francine.

  9. I can't imagine that. That is just so scary. Someone did that to my grand mother one year, she was home alone at night and a clown showed up at her door and demanded to be let in. It was one of the most terrifying things ever. My grandpa was at our house and she called just scared to death. We all jumped in the car and came over but he was gone by then. I have always wondered why someone would do that.

  10. Jeepers Creepers! Can't somebody do something about the creepin' clown?

  11. That is extremely creepy. Yes. He hasn't done any murdering, has he?

  12. Oh boy, if you had a clown phobia you would really be in trouble. I would not be too happy to open my door to this weirdo either. xo Laura