Saturday, September 21, 2013

Raising a new flag

First, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of you.  The comments and private emails on my last post were truly touching.  They meant so much and I read them over several times.  If I didn't get to respond to you, please know that your words and thoughts helped.  

I did have a little meltdown.  I admit it, I raised the white flag in surrender

All the fight had left me and I was gave in to it.  Kind of like a turtle retreating into its shell.  Even throughout Friday I still felt fragile - clinging to the edge by my fingernails.   And then, after a really good sleep last night, I woke up and felt stronger.  More like myself.

So I ripped down that wimpy white flag and raised the checkered flags.  The race was back on

I'm not one to just do nothing when there is a problem.  And after lunch I informed Auntie that things had to change.  She could keep fighting it but it WAS going to happen.  I did get a weak concession from her.  But I'll take whatever I can get.  The truth is, I think my little "episode" scared her too.  She has been a bit more accommodating the past few days. I am grateful.  

So this afternoon I put my head down and worked out what I think is a new care plan for Mom.  It will address some of the major issues and cause the minimum of disruption to Auntie.  Now I have to discuss my proposed changes with our Care Coordinator this week.  I'm hoping she is able to make it happen.  She has been a wonderful support for us all along this process so I'm not really concerned.  I think the new plan is reasonable.  

Now that I'm feeling better it's also time to tackle another problem.  That bleeping skunk seems to have made a den somewhere in the vicinity of my yard.  He (or she) is a regular visitor.  Every friggin night.  By dusk the backyard is now off limits to us.  Last night at 9pm when I got home from the store, there he was.  By 11pm when it was time to take Millie out, I assumed he'd be gone.  After all, it was 2 hours.    Nope, still there.   It's time to take matters into my own hands.  Oh and if you're wondering, all the things the internet says repel skunks are wrong!  Moth balls and ammonia soaked rags......HAHAHA. No effect.  I think it actually attracts, not repels.  

So let's just say I have a plan.  The details......Classified.  The mission is on a  need-to-know basis.  But I'm gonna win!

Pepe Le Pew will (hopefully) be Pepe Le Gone soon


  1. I think that a melt down once in awhile help to clear the air so you can see your way.
    I am keeping you in my prayers.

  2. You go girl. Hope the new plan works out for all three of you.

    Poor Pepe. LOL just kidding he has to go.

  3. Sometimes you need to just have it all out and start fresh and you seem to have found a plan. Good luck with it all. Hey, we have a plan for skunks around involves a gun and a shovel. Hope that helps! (I hate skunks with a passion!)

  4. Sounds like you are taking charge! Great. And hope the skunks don't have baby skunks!

  5. Ohhh....why is it that I'm never here when you need a cyber shoulder??? Heavens know you're always there for me. :o( You know that I feel at least a part of your pain....although yours certainly is more acute and intense being that mom is still home.... I just spent the last two days moving my mother into yet another assisted living facility. (Long story....suffice it to say that there was a nutty lady (and it doesn't take a professional to know that nutty lady belongs in a psych ward, not assisted living) who actually brought my mother to tears daily (and all my life I had only seen her cry twice....) So, after begging, pleading, and ultimately, threatening, she was moved to the "other" building....Two weeks later, they moved nutty lady to THAT building....) Anywho....lots of stress, work, and hassle....only to have mom say she wants to go back to the "other" place....) Eeek. You're in my thoughts and prayers Girlfriend....and even though I may not be fully present and accounted for here, I hope you know I'm just an email away..... Big, Big, Hugs ~ Robin

  6. It is good to read this post, Kim. You are in a difficult situation, and I continue to send you my thoughts and prayers as you go through all the arrangements that are necessary.

    Also, sending you good wishes for getting rid of that skunk! He has some nerve!


  7. A firecracker in the butts would send that skunk flying over the fence. I sure hope that your plan works. It was a bit dark this morning when I went to the barn and I had to go the long way around in the road because I was afraid of running into a skunk through the hedge.

    Maybe the meltdown was a blessing in disguise. Auntie better do what's best for all concerned. All this must take it's toll on poor little Millie too. Dogs can sense when things are tense.

    II was going to send you an email to say that I'm thinking of you but I never got around to. I've been having a little crisis of my own to deal with.
    Big hugs,


  8. I'm just getting caught up here, sorry. I do hope that things are getting better for you. I can't begin to imagine the amount of stress and sacrifice it takes to be a caregiver. My son is a hospice nurse and I can see in his eye that it is difficult. I hope you talk things out and get the help you need to take a breath once in awhile. Thinking of you and sending hugs and healing light for your path.

  9. Maybe the meltdown was what was needed. One can't be strong all the time when you have so much on your shoulders. Praying all works out for you.

  10. Morning Kim, meltdowns are needed sometimes, that is so much stress you have going on.........Prayers it all works out for you, Blessings Francine.

  11. Glad you got your groove back -- knew you would!! I'm constantly reminded by others that "I'm human", and although I prefer "super human"...I guess it means I'm allowed to not be perfectly in control of everything all the time!!? Can't wait to hear what's in store for Pepe!

  12. A plan Kim! That will do it for your Mom and hopefully keep Auntie happy too. I knew you would figure it out. Sometimes it takes a meltdown to make it happen. The skunk, I wish I could send CH to take care of that stinker!

  13. Let's hope it's Pepe Le Gone! Hope the new plan will come to pass!

  14. Kim ~
    Thinking of you and hoping it all works out quickly.
    Hugs :)

  15. Yay! I'm so proud of you for taking charge and not letting Auntie call the shots!!! Hopefully your Care Coordinator agrees and some of the pressure is taken away! Stick to your guns, girlie!!!

  16. Wishing you all the best with your new plan. I know you are under a lot of stress.
    You go girl getting rid of that skunk! Keep us posted.

  17. I am so glad you are the kind of person who gets things done. Could you come out here and help me get rid of 10 roosters? The skunk issue well I just let them win but electric wire does work really well,
    I hope you have a great Monday!