Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hello old friend

Unlike many who are mourning the end of summer as the calendar turns to September 1st, I am welcoming a dear old friend.  I love fall and September is a wonderful time for me.  This feels more like the time for new beginnings than any other time of the year.  

I look forward to the impending cooler days and nights, the comfy clothes in rich tones of browns, golds, reds and greens. And yes, soon it will be boot season ;)

And last night mom had a sweet reunion with one of her old friends.  She hasn't seen her since February.  P came with us to the hospital the day of Moms mastectomy and stayed until they wheeled Mom into the O.R. and then drive Auntie home.  The next day she became seriously ill and has been in a variety of hospitals and rehabs.  I tried to visit her when I could and one of her fears was that she wouldn't get to see mom again.   But last night she was finally able to visit.  It was a very sweet moment. 

As for me, I have just been puttering around all weekend.  Kind of like one of those crazy flies that can't seem to light in one place very long.  A little hooking, a little knitting, a little cooking - but nothing for very long.  

I thought I was smart to start hooking a few holiday rugs but I can't seem to get my mind into it.  I want to hook fall leaves and pumpkins - not snowmen.  But I will try and finish this one first.  If I put it aside and start something else I am always scared I will never get back to it. 

I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend.  I am :)


  1. Hi Kim, I'm so glad that your mom's old faithful friend got to see your mom again. It's real tuff getting old and no picnic.

    I have mixed feeling at seeing the fall come closer and the days shorten. I love the cooler temperatures and I love all the best of Fall but hate to see the time I can't wear my sandals any more. My poor feet has bunions the size of walnuts and can be so painful when I have to wear my shoes or boots. My grandmother on my dad's side had the same type of bunions and I guess I inherited them.

    We all have our little crosses to bear. I can sympathize with you because I've been in that unsettled place when I was getting pre-menapausal. Gee I hate that word,I wonder who invented it... I guess I prefer restlessness.

    I hope that you will enjoy September better than August. HUgs,

  2. I am so glad you are having a nice weekend. Too hot to do anything but stay inside and stitch,
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. So glad fall will be soon here.

    So nice your Mom got to see her old friend again.


  4. I am really good to accumulate those "projects half done.":-) I'm eager to see that snowman completed.

    Great news that your mom's friend has improved enough to make a visit.

  5. Love the photo and yes, I'm ready for September as I'm ready for this summer to be over. It's been long and difficult.

  6. I too look forward to Fall and even Winter. They are my favorite time of year. I love to be inside warm and cozy by the fire quilting or stitching.
    Glad your Mom's friend got to visit. Hope she continues to improve.

  7. Hi Kim, glad to read your mom was able to reunite with a dear friend. I hope your mom continues to do well and hopefully her friend too...I am so ready for warm days and cool nights, let Autumn begin! Hugs from Maine, Julie.

  8. I enjoy fall too! I love putting the fall decorations out and also the cooler days. Sept. is a busy time and I always want to get projects finished up and the house cleaned really good and outside work caught up..sort of like I do in Spring! Hope your Mom is well and I'm glad she could spend some time with a good friend.

  9. Fall is my favorite/favourite! And like yaya ^. I do "fall cleaning" too!

  10. Fall is my favorite time of year too. The days stay pretty warm until mid Ocyober but the nights cool off nicely. Won't be able to wear warm clothes until November, have to find fall colored t-shirts.

  11. Is this photo them? I love it! Looking forward to fall as well (except for school know)

  12. The older I get, the more I like Fall and the cooler temps! I get 8am - 2pm w/o kids and then pure chaos from 3-10pm! A glad your mom and her friend were able to reconnect. It's so important and always nice to witness any of those old connections! Happy September!

  13. While I enjoy most everything about fall the colors, the weather, but not how short it is and how long winter is.
    the first couple of snow storms are exciting to tuck in but them it gets old and I am longing for a warm spring.
    So nice that your mom's friend got to see her.
    I have not picked up a hook in months I need to get back at it.

  14. Old friends are such a treasure !
    What a neat photo.

  15. Kim
    What a dear, dear post.
    It makes my heart so glad that
    your Aunt was able to make it
    to visit your Mother. I know
    how much a visit meant to my
    own Mother when she became
    bed ridden.

  16. So glad your mom and friend were able to visit, bet they both really enjoyed that.

  17. So nice that your Mom and her old friend were able to see each other. I do love fall and the first snow but then I'm ready for spring again.