Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Success and a literacy question

Things are looking up.  Our new care plan has been approved and will begin on Monday!  So that should take some of the pressure off.  It is such a huge relief.  We shuffled somethings around and I had to make a few adjustments in my work schedule but I think it's going to work.  Auntie isn't complaining too loudly either.  We have another in-home assessment Monday. I'm feeling positive. 

Now here is my big literacy question.  Can skunks read??  Seriously, I think my Pepe Le Pew can read.

  After nightly visits for weeks, ever since my last post when I "threatened" his existence, he has vanished.  Completely MIA.  Not one sighting, not one hole, not one whiff of stink.  POOF.....gone. 

I think he reads my blog!!  I have this image that he has scavenged a smart phone from someone's yard, and is huddled in his den, stealing the neighbors wireless and surfing the web.  I mean, how else can you explain his disappearance? He knows I'm after him and that I mean business. Pepe is running scared!    The only other explanation is that he discovered netflix and is watching Breaking Bad from season 1 to the end :) 

That's all the news for now.  I still have a little hooking to finish and I've added a few new items to my Etsy store.  (Hint, hint)  and I'm thinking of changing the name of my etsy store.  No firm ideas yet, just playing with some ideas.  


  1. Yippee so glad your new plan has been approved and yippee Pepe is gone.
    Maybe he can read. LOL


  2. Things are looking better for you on the home front. I'm glad that your care plan has been approved and that your skunk has vamoosed.
    I don't know if skunks can read but yours must be running away from something, maybe it's a he and he ran away on her..., lol. Maybe he / she didn't find enough grubs in your lawn and moved on to grubbier pastures. Hope it stays away for good.

    Wow, September is almost already gone. I feel like I'm on a fast treadmill and can't get off.

  3. Hooray for moving along with a new care plan...probably bittersweet, but I've learned to be thankful for more help in almost any form! Glad you didn't have to take drastic measures with Pepe....yet!!!

  4. So glad to hear things are working out for you at home...

  5. I hope the new plan works out as well as it sounds it will! Change is always hard right? Pepe, definately can read!

  6. Haha I love the idea of your skunk watching Breaking Bad!

  7. Happy thoughts for the new plan!

    Oh, and I hope Pepe didn't just go get the rest of his family!

  8. Great news about the new care plan!
    Pepe is sleeping more now that it's sock wearing temps.
    Not that Pepe is wearing socks.. : )

  9. I'm glad that you have the new care plan approved. Perhaps Pepe has met his own "Waterloo."

  10. I am so glad things are looking up and the skunk has gone. Same thing here, they will be around for awhile and then we won't see them for awhile. Who knows what happens to them. I am glad though that yours is gone. Just don't let your guard down. I think they know that too.

  11. Good thing that if the skunk can read and just left instead of leaving you a smelly present upon preparation of an attack

  12. I am so happy you have a new plan that will make everyone's life easier.
    can a skunk read I think you got lucky:)

  13. Glad your plan is working out.
    Of course skunks can read.