Wednesday, March 14, 2012

When a door closes....

You often hear it said that when a door closes, a window opens.

This morning I awoke to discover that my morning buddy was gone.  The light had left it's eyes.   Its sparkly blue power switch eye.

My Keurig coffee machine is dead.  RIP my dear friend.  You were a ray of sunshine each morning as I grumpily trudged downstairs to read the newspaper.  (I'm so not a morning person) Your bright sparkly blue power light winked at me as you dispensed a perfect cup of my favorite blend.   I sipped your delightful offering each day as I prepared to meet the world.

But alas, this morning I had none.  The door had closed.   What to do?  I need coffee, mainly for the protection of others. 

I decided I had to stop at Tim Horton's Drive Thru on the way to work.  I dreaded it.  The line ups in the morning are horrendous.  I approached the coffee shop.  Something's wrong......there are no cars in the line.  This is unprecedented, especially at that hour of the morning. 

I wondered if the store was closed, maybe there was another power outage - something was wrong.  I proceeded to the microphone, cautiously.  There was a voice on the other end who took my order.  When I arrived at the window I told her I thought the store was closed because there were no cars.  She laughed and said it was very rare.  And then she told me to look behind me.  There were about 15 cars now behind me.

So the moral of this story is that when one door closes (my coffee machine dies), a window opens (all cars clear out of my path at Tim Hortons)

Not sure this is an appropriate analagy for this expression but you knew I would warp it.  :)


  1. "...mainly for the protection of others" LOL! Aww, I'm sorry your buddy died. Maybe everyone heard about it and thought "Oh crud, better let her in line first before she goes postal!" ;)

  2. I don't know how you even managed to get in the car without your coffee. I won't go the bathroom until I get the coffee brewing. Check out QVC for prices on your new Keurig.

  3. Omg! The powers that be must have known what would've happened had the window not opened! Sorry for the demise of dear Kuerig. Hopefully his replacement is now ready and waiting for the morning brew!
    Cathy G

  4. HAHA We love our Keurig. Glad you got your fix at the drive-thru. Hope you get a new one soon as we'd hate to hear people in 'harms way'. lol

  5. Kim ~
    I don't have that problem. I just pop the tab on a diet Coke :)

  6. Hope that your Kuerig is still under warranty. What a shame to just quit just like that.
    I have a tiny little coffee maker and make the old boring kind but it still wakes me up in the morning. You were the early bird at Tim Horton this morning... are you Irish?

    I love that quote When God closes a door He opens a window. My first cross stitch has that quote in it.

  7. Okay so at first my heart stopped, I am thinking Millie, Oh crap then you get to your coffee machine, I was still bothered because I have had mornings like that before. I am so glad that you were able to get some liquid plasma before work.
    I loved the cartoon. So cute and funny.
    Are you going to get another one? Soon?

  8. You must've left just those few precious minutes early by not making your cup of coffee and missed the crowd...phew!

  9. I always have a spare coffee pot for those times. How great you got your coffee and no waiting ;-)

  10. I do love your blog and I'm honored that I'm allowed to be a follower because not only do I not hook...I don't drink coffee either. In surgery our patients can't have any food or in NO DRINKING ANYTHING! By the time it's their time for surgery most people have a roaring headache and all they want in that caffeine shot. I do feel bad for them. I'm really glad I don't drink coffee because I would be the sweet latte mocha choka choco super size me gal for sure! Well, I do hope you can find a new buddy that will again bring happiness and sense to your day!

  11. Your blog is really amazing with all the bits and pieces of information I can share with my friends and followers. Thanks and more power!

  12. Oh you poor thing. :) RIP Keurig. I don't drink coffee but I understand. For the past few days I have been craving chocolate as you know. lol

    I finally at 11:45pm last night went to the store. I was able, with my $3 or so to get one can of chocolate frosting for a cake, a Butterfinger, a Twix and a pkg of peanut M&Ms. :)
    The latter for my hubby who needs to save them for emergencies with his blood sugar.

    I enjoyed the others. Well, I haven't made the cake yet. Maybe tomorrow. Yummmmmm lol
    I am a strange one aren't I?

    Anyway glad to hear you made it through. :)
    Take care, Janet W

  13. "for the protection of others"... lol! That's great! And I so very much can relate! We have dunkin donuts here as a drive-thru and there are always 20 cars (sometimes wrapping out on to the main road) passing thru the drive-thru. Do you think that many coffee pots break daily? *wink*

  14. Such a lovely blog!~ I'm a new follower ~ ♥♥

  15. POST MORTUM: Hi there Kim, I hope that you didn't get as much snow as we did during the night. It looks like we got a good 5 to 6 inches. I had to shovel my way into the calf barn.

    This morning on my way home from the barn, just about the time when the coffee urge kicks in, I got to thinking about you and your poor Keurig. Did you checked if the plug is pushed all the way in? Maybe it got pulled out a bit when cleaning around it. Early in the morning before being fully awake I wouldn't think of checking the plug. It happened with my toaster, hahaha.
    Hugs, JB

  16. Kim that is so dang sad. I am not a coffee drinker but CH is and he just sent me a text that he was at McDonald's for his coffee. He loves their coffee. Oh and I am sure there is a sausage biscuit there somewhere.Said The Mama wanted to eat at McDonalds. I do like Starbucks frufru coffee, like a white chocolate something or other. I have a great idea, drive thru at McDonalds should serve up a glass of wine :) A new Keurig?

  17. Here I was thinking you were going to say that you won the car on roll-up-the-rim! All your US friends won't get that.

  18. Boy, that's very sad. I love how you were able to get to the window with no line at Tim Horton's...I remember being shocked when I watched those lines at his place across from the Comfort Inn when I stayed there for Deanne's workshop a couple of years ago. Hope you got a replacement yesterday...if I didn't have a coffee maker I might never get up in the morning.

  19. Kim, I just want to say I always enjoy reading your blog. I usually get a good laugh or at least a chuckle from your writing. Your sense of humor is wonderful!!! Sorry about your coffee pot, I am on my 2nd one like that.

  20. you scared the crap out of me the first thought was oh no Millie. I laughed out loud when it was the power light.
    I am glad that window opened and you got your coffee :0).