Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sweet Satisfaction

At last, the sweet satisfaction of nature's goodness

I went to the corner store at 5pm and got the last block. 
I talked to the owner and he said they had a large delivery this
morning and by 5pm I got the last one.

A creamy block of pure sugar

Was it worth the wait?  Oh Yeah

Satisfaction.....(and a mild sugar rush)


  1. Wait - what do you do with it? I mean, other than just knawing on the block of maple goodness, which I would totally do.

  2. I am just curious do you just pick it up and gnaw of a hunk?
    Do you make it into something?
    What does it taste like? Like fudge?
    Since I had never heard of this before until you mentioned it I just wondered. :)

  3. Have to laugh, mild sugar rush?!?! Mild?!? Really?

  4. It does not seem to be the sugar candy that we get. Is it creamy more like a fudge? I have never seen this.
    sounds great

  5. How lucky for you to get the last block of maple sugar. There must be lots of disappointed customers who will have to wait longer for their taste. How does maple sugar or maple syrup taste? it's like heaven. It's hard to describe. You have to taste it to know. Very sweet but with a maple flavor. JB

  6. I thought it was ice cream - it's maple sugar - it looks wonderful! sandie

  7. Oh my...I'm having a sugar rush just by looking at this gorgeous block of maple. Is the texture like fudge? I have never seen this type of product in our neck of the woods. Maple Syrup Sunday is held the last Sunday in March here in Maine, I'll be on the lookout for this. Thanks for sharing Kim, Greetings from Maine, Julie.

  8. I can't believe you had to wait until 5:00! We're you worried you were going to miss the rush!?

  9. Kim ~
    OMG! My mouth is watering. Maple sugar candy was always a favorite of mine. I haven't had it in years! I'm with the other Americans, though, ours is different.
    Hugs :)

  10. Well honey I can't imagine having something this good to buy at a store in Texas. Never have I seen this or tasted it but boy does it look good.
    I sure have missed out on a lot being born in the south. lol
    Hope you enjoy your goodies

  11. Ouch....my teeth hurt just thinking about that. Really? Hmmmm...have you thought about dipping it in chocolate?? ;o) Smiles & Sweet Hugs ~ Robin

  12. YAYYYY!!! You got your treat. :)

    Now at 10:54pm, I am sitting here thinking, it is just not right to not have chocolate. Especially on ones birthday. Yep, happy birthday to me. :)

    Not sure if I will go to the little store down the road or not. Don't have much change. I told my hubby that I should have chocolate today. And he says 'I want some.' :(

    Just decided to go to the store. Tonight I will finally get my chocolate. LOL

    Have a fun Wednesday. Take care, Janet W

  13. You lucky girl! That looks so good and creamy. It seems a bit creamier than the maple sugar candy we have in NH. I've had maple sugar spread before in Quebec. It was fab!

  14. Can you hear me, groaning with envy??? YUM. I had a wee bit of that at Deanne's when I was there, and just about flipped it was so good.

  15. Brings back some yummy memories. My Grammy would send us maple sugar candy every year.

  16. Oh my gosh, I'm having a sugar rush right now. Yummy!

  17. It's maple sugar time here in Ohio. The festival was last weekend and I missed it...and the maple candy too! My hubby's Mom loved that stuff and so does my hubby. I enjoy the syrup the best. Once Jack was paid (he's a Chiropractor) by a patient with gallons of maple syrup! The barter system has it's advantages!