Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just a small town kind of day

March snuck in today like a lamb.  It was a bright, sunny, cheerful kind of day.
 It was the kind of day where everything seemed to be OK in my little town. 

I have told you about our Town's Believe Campaign in support of a beloved citizen battling cancer.  The latest news is the surgery today was successful.  It was almost like you could hear a collective sigh of relief as news spread.

Mom was at day care so that meant Auntie and I could enjoy a rare treat - lunch out together.  We took a friend with us and had a great time at Bella's Cafe and Bistro.   We saw lots of people we knew and had a few laughs.   (photos borrowed from fb)

We all had something different and it all looked and tasted amazing.  But the best part was it was just a nice break.   After lunch I stopped in just next door to Flow Lifestyle Boutique where Stephanie has just started a new coffee/tea bar. 

She has me addicted to the Chocolate Chai organic coffee.  I grabbed one before returning to the office.  We had a great laugh on facebook yesterday at another friends expense.  (Just teasing of course)  Much to my pal Terri's chagrin, Steph had a coffee delivered to my office yesterday.  Naturally I rubbed it in to Terri who works waaaay on the other side of town.  (Yes, I am spoiled)   And Yes, I love it. 

So today as I picked up my coffee, I paid for an extra one.  So tomorrow when Terri makes her regular Friday afternoon visit to Flow - she will be surprised that her coffee is on me!

A rug update:   Thank you for all the suggestions.  I agree that the plain blue isn't exactly right.  I tried to think far outside the box last night with a burgundy plaid but after only adding 3 strips I quickly ripped it out.  I was almost paralyzed with where to go next. 

Then this afternoon at work (I really hesitate to admit this here but......) I looked through a bag of wool stash in my office.   Yes, I have a small stash of wool behind my desk.  Don't ask......     Well, deep in the bottom of the bag is a large piece of dark blue plaid wool.  Lighter than the outline wool and darker than the blue from the last post.  Yippee!!  I think this might work.  I hope to cut some of it tonight and try a small section.   Fingers crossed.  

I hope you all had a great day too.


  1. I have never heard of Chocolate Chai - but if it has chocolate in it - how can you go wrong. Glad you had a nice time. sandie

  2. I'm so glad about the news that the surgery was successful for your friend and that you had time out with you auntie and friend. You are a nice girl doing this for Terri.

    I'm sure that the blue will be just right for the rug. Hurry up and show us the results.
    Have a great Friday. Hugs. JB

  3. Kim ~
    So glad it was such a good day and tomorrow's Friday. Life is good!
    Wool in your office??? Now that needs some 'splainin'!!!
    Prayers that your friend continues to do well.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Blue plaid...that aught to be awesome!! I LOVE plaid!!
    The Bistro looks like fun and the Chai sounds good. Glad your friend is doing well!

  5. Wool in the office? What's up with that... LOL. So happy to hear your dear friend received good news. Lots of snow here today! Hugs, Julie.

  6. Oh I am glad you had good news today. That is wonderful. I am also glad you found the right piece of wool at your desk at work... Really?? That is so funny.
    I loved the coffee story, that is so cute. Well aren't you glad it is Friday tomorrow. I feel like my week went Monday boom it it Friday. I can't remember the other days.
    I hope tomorrow is a very nice day for you.

  7. What a lovely day! You make life in a small town sound heavenly. Isn't it nice when everyone unites for a good cause?

  8. Sounds like the prefect day! Glad you were able to take advantage of it and also have lunch.
    I had to laugh about the stashes of wool at your office. If I had your gift I would be the same way.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  9. The coffee sounds marvelous. I'm a coffee junky, myself...but my son get me Starbucks. Isn't it funny how we find just the right wool in the stash as we work on a project? Happens all the time! Weird.

  10. I'm happy for your friend and hope they recoup nicely. Your small town sounds very sweet and I love the pic of the eatery. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope the blue plaid is just the ticket! It's funny...I don't hook or drink coffee but I do enjoy reading your adventures about it!

  11. crack me up that you have a bag of wool in your office. Very cool! I just had an idea about the's worth what you're paying for it, LOL...what it you actually hooked the background to look like a plaid? Use the new plaid you found to make the primary grid lines, the lighter blue along side those, and then a very soft yellow to fill in the rest? I don't know why that just flashed into my mind, reading your post. Or worse yet...maybe that's what you were describing? (eeekkkk that will make me sound really stupid if that's the case).

  12. Kim glad your friend's surgery was successful! You know how I love to eat, your lunch out with Auntie at the Bistro sounds like so much fun on a wintry day!

  13. That's so good about your friend. I can't believe Kim it's March. I am so behind in blogging. Once again I am back with my daughters for a couple days.I can hardly wait to be home tonight and start hooking again.hugs Cheri

  14. So many gret things in this post...the surgical success, the treats from and to friends, and that you have wool in your desk!