Saturday, September 25, 2010

A series of unfortunate events

Well, although I had the highest of hopes, my big day out yesterday ended a bit like the Thelma and Louise story - crashing off a cliff! 

It started fine - with a great drive and breakfast at Cora's.  Then off to the eye doctor.  After close to an hour of tests and trying multiple sample lenses I was finished.  He gave me a pair of a new type of contacts to try for 3 weeks and if they work ok we will order more.  So now I was free to enjoy the rest of my day!   yeah - right!!

Next stop, another one of those Pumpkin Lattes I raved about last week.  Hmmm, it doesn't seem as great as the first one, but maybe its because it feels like a bit of a headache starting.  I just figured it was from having someone poke their fingers in my eyes for the past 45 minutes and it would go away.

I had heard about a shop in the area  that was selling hand dyed wool for hooking.   Certainly that would turn my day around.  I had been communicating a bit with the owner and had sent a message several days before saying I would be in the area and asked for directions as she was a bit out of the way and I wasn't overly familiar with the area.    No response.  I found this a bit odd but asked someone at the coffee shop for directions to this community and I set out.  It was a bit further than I expected but since I wasn't in a hurry I left and did find it.   Now, I always thought the point of having a business was to serve customers, make money and encourage repeat business.   Apparently this shops philosphy is different....

I walked in and was completely ignored.  I was the only customer there.  The owner just went about her business and didn't even acknowledge that I had walked in!!!!   Soooooo, I continued to browse around thinking any minute she would stick her head out of the hole in the back.  Nope.   I'm getting mildly annoyed and in hindsight I should have walked out but I am stubborn (and stupid).  I decided to buy a piece of wool - this would force her into a conversation, right??  (The wool she had for sale was lovely by the way)

So I go back to her little hole with my purchase - again no conversation - just tells me the price. So I put my money on the table.  She puts my wool in the bag, hands it to me  (no thanks was offered).  So I stood there for a minute - looking at my money.  She isn't giving me any change!!!!  It wasn't like it was a few cents --- it was a few dollars!   This whole thing is just getting ridiculous and I am quickly losing patience.   But I hold it together and said, while looking at my money "Oh - do you need exact change?".   She gave me a LOOK!  Then, in a manner that appeared somewhat reluctant, reached into the cash box and gave me the change!   OMG I could hardly belief the last 20 minutes were real!!!!

WOW - the whole experience was unreal.   And then on the way home I was ticked at myself for buying anything!  

The headache is now getting much worse and I am feeling slightly ill.  Stubborn - I don't want to give up on my day.  I go to The Shoe Company.  Hot red shoes or high sexy boots in an inappropriate color will turn things around.  I walked in and the smell of the leather was making my stomach flip - OMG this is NOT a good sign.   Migraine on the way.

Its time to pull the plug and head home.  Just as I was walking in the door a friend called and I almost hung up on him.  I ran upstairs and I spent the next few hours sick, sick, sick.  I swear I lost 7-8 pounds between the hours of 3-5pm.    I spent the rest of the night shivering under a blanket.  Not sure exactly was it was but I am feeling better today.

I guess my hopes for the day were too high.


  1. OMG Kim! That is unreal!! I get those headaches but mine are more like sinus. Once they start coming on I may as well forget it and go to bed. I'm finding stress to be a major factor.
    Even though your trip was not what you'd hoped at least you got a blog post out of it!! Honestly, I can't figure people out who actually are running businesses and act so rude! The only thing I can think of is she was just completely in shock over actually making a sale LOL! I certainly hope you are making a complete recovery and can enjoy a nice Fall weekend. How's Millie doing? Sounds like you and she need to snuggle up and enjoy some pampering!
    Cathy G

  2. You were waited on by a Zombie! The only sane answer to such weird behavior.
    Pumpkin Latte sounds so good!

  3. Wow Kim! Sounds like something out of a Stephen King novel... so sorry you had such a bad experience in the wool shop... I do hope you have another chance at a girl's day out soon! Hoping that you are having an easier day today... :-)

  4. Oh Kim, it sounds like a bad dream ... I'm real sorry that you had such a bad day. It almost sound like a bit of food poisoning to me and I hope that you are feeling much better now. Better luck on your next "Me Time" outing.

    The girl in the shop couldn't have be the owner I would presume. If she was the owner, she won't be in business for very long. It may be her daughter or someone on drug needing drug money. This is unreal. I sure hope the wool was worth it. JB

  5. Oh my gosh, you were getting sick? I can't believe you had a day like that. I am so sorry,
    take another day when you feel better and go do the fun stuff and do not go to the wool shop. That was just creepy, I went into a quilt shop and had the same experience. I won't go again either. When stuff happens like that I always wonder, "Am I invisible?" People wonder why they go out of business too.
    I hope you have a lots better day and you feel better. I hope today you get to rest.

  6. Kim ~
    I hope today is much better than yesterday!!! What a shame your experience at the wool shop was so bad, especially since she had good wool :)
    Hopefully you soon will have another day to play when you are feeling better.
    Like Cathy G said, snuggle up with Millie and feel better soon.
    Pug hugs :)

  7. Sorry for the terrible day, Kim, especially when you were looking forward to a nice day.

    Are you sure the lady wasn't mute? :) Have to say I haven't dealt with too many store owners like that...I'm sure that was your last penny spent there.

    Hope you are feeling well. I know only too well what a migraine is like. Almost got one thinking of you...Cheers Kim...

  8. I bet you won't want to indulge in a Pumpkin Latte anytime soon! Probably hate the color wool you purchased too. I hope you feel well soon!

  9. I am so sorry to hear you were sick I hate to be sick. and what the he.. is wrong with that wool lady? I have never come across a hooker that wasn't sweet and chatty.
    hope your feeling better.

  10. Thank goodness it doesn't happen often to me, but when I get a really bad migraine, I will get sick just like you described! Hope you feel better.

  11. Oh, I'm so sorry you couldn't enjoy your day to the fullest. I have found that I will get a migraine whenever I have a day off. My doctor says it is the change in schedule and that I should get up at 4:30 AM everyday. Cure is worse that the headache, if you ask me!
    Hope you are felling better and able to enjoy the weekend.

  12. That story is almost unbelievable? I had to read it twice. Sorry you were sick.

  13. Wow, I hate that I'm just now reading this. Did you wait too long to take that time you needed Kim? When it's been a stressful week or I've done too much and haven't had a break in too long, the fatigue and stress will get to me. Sounds like it might have caused a migraine for you. We can only go full speed ahead for so long before we crash. Today was my crash. I've just physically done too much over the last week besides the other stuff and today it really caught up with me. I hope you have recovered and this week will be better.

  14. I have been in small shops like that, and treated that way, and I wonder how those places survive. It just burns me up. I've even had that happen in Taos; I wonder if the shop person figures I'm "just a tourist" and won't be back why bother. (In fact, there is a small yarn shop in Taos that is locally known for this kind of bad sad is that.) My #1 goal with my shop was customer service, and I am proud to say over the five years I was in business, we received lots of compliments from customers and heard far too many stories of "crabby yarn shop ladies". Shame on that woman for treating you that way...there are few enough dollars to be spending outside of our homes, and doing so should be a fun experience!