Saturday, September 4, 2010

Counting my blessings and hooking too

Today I am counting my blessings.

1. Hurricane Earl changed course at the last minute and we had an un-eventful day.  However the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia was not so lucky.  They received the storm instead of the Bay of Fundy side.  Tons of downed trees, property damage and approx 200,000 homes without power.  

2.  All my family and friends - safe and sound.

3. The temperature has dropped from 32 degrees to a comfortable 19 degrees this evening.  Oh happy day!!!

4. I have had several new followers in the past few weeks and have been getting lots of comments.  I especially want to thank all my blog buddies who expressed concern for us as the storm approached.  I really do appreciate all the comments from followers and occasional visitors.  Its just nice to know I'm not talking to myself!   LOL

There are many more blessings but this is not a novel!

Since today was a normal day, I decided to defer the bunny project and work towards finishing hooking the 2nd pillow.  A little more progress
As anxious as I am to get going on that adorable little bunny (a Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern) I don't need another half finished project hanging around.   If I am lucky I might have the hooking done by the end of the weekend.

Thanks again for visiting!


  1. Just found your blog! Linked it to mine, I'm a 'hooker' too!!!

  2. Kim ~
    I am so happy for you and your family that Earl left you high and dry, safe and sound :-)
    Your pillow is lookin' good.
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Kim honey I was so relieved when I saw where the storm was and thought it had missed you.
    I was praying that you and your family would be kept safe. These storms are just toooo scary.
    Girl are you serious 19 degrees already...surely I did not read that
    It is still in the 90's here....very hot of course not in the 100's ...I am so glad of that.
    Hope your having a wonderful weekend.
    Oh I was wondering Kim have you ever crochet a rag rug from material. Someone had a post about it and I can not think for the life of me who it was. lol

  4. Great news for you that the temperature dropped! Yay! Sorry to hear about all the havoc Earl played on the other side of NS. I can't imagine what seeing even that much of a storm would be like. Have a good weekend!

  5. Good to hear you are safe and sound and that you now have cooler temps! Have a fun day hooking! I'm the same way... have to finish what I started before I can move to the next project! :-)

  6. So nice to have everything back to normal and the sun shining and the cooler temperature. This is a new day to celebrate all the good things we have. Hope you have a great day KIm. JB

  7. I am so glad everything worked out okay, I thought about you all day and when I read that there were 200,000 people without power, I prayed you were not one of them. So glad at the last minute it Earl changed his mind. I am also very glad the temperatures dropped too. Your pillow looks wonderful.
    Have a great day.

  8. Your post title is so funny! I like your blessing list!

  9. Kim. I'm so happy that you and yours are safe and sound. I am liking what you're working on...the colors are great!

  10. Kim I am so happy to hear all is well where you are! Happy too that you have some cooler weather, we are lucky that way too. Cooler weather makes life so much better and I get rid of my crankiness :)

  11. Having in a high spirit and safe life is very important. Nice if we have this. Just keep on smiling and everything will be fine and stay in a cool weather.