Monday, September 27, 2010

51 and a promise

Well, it happened a little quicker than expected but what a great treat to check the blog this morning and find 2 new followers.  It seemed like I was hanging on to 49 for awhile.  Followers ----- not my age!  lol  Welcome gals!

So I made a promise last night that when I got to 50 followers I would have a giveaway.  Well, its 8:15pm and I just got home from work and Dancing with the Stars is on at 9pm and you know I need to get comfy and organize my snacks for the show..........Soooooo, you will have to wait for my next post for details on the giveaway!

I look forward to comments from the other Dancing fans after the show.  Sorry for those of you who don't watch - It's addictive and one of my guilty pleasures!


  1. Kim ~
    Everyone deserves a guilty pleasure (or two)!
    Hugs :)

  2. Congratulations on growing your followers to 51. I'm sorry for not being a fan of dancing with the stars because I seldom watch TV anymore except while we are at the table. I'm always busy either at the computer or doing something else. I hope that you enjoy your evening dancing with the stars. You deserve that little pleasure. JB

  3. I dont usually watch that show, but I have others that I hate to miss, so I know why you are addicted to your favorite!!! So, am I on time for a giveaway??? Congrats on reaching and stepping over your mark of followers!!!

  4. I love DWTS ~ I think maybe Michael Bolton has to go this week! I love his beautiful voice but the man can't move ~ he's like a board! Just my opinion ~

  5. Hey Kim! I installed Firefox and immediately came here to make sure it works! It did! Yeah!

    I agree with Alice! Michael Bolton has to go tonight! He can't shake his money maker at all! lol

    We'll see tonight!


  6. Thumbs up to Rick Fox, Bristol Palin too cute (leave the mother home) Jennifer Grey to self indulgent, Michael Bolton I am sorry to say needs to go home. Margaret Cho, way to go! Florence Henderson I hope I look that good at 74 and Miss Brooke Burke, how I wish I could fill out a gown like that gal, gorgeous! My favorite to date the young, slightly overweight, baby faced young man, no attitude just having fun. Remains to be seen what tonight brings!

  7. Hey thanks for the comment too. I wanted to say, one of the reasons I am not reading like I did is because of hooking too. I would rather sew now or hook than read. I find it way more enjoyable.