Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Already??

Again another weekend has flown by in a blur. There is company coming over for supper and I got up early and have a Sirloin Tip slow roasting on the oven. Smells great so far.
I have to tell you about the amazing facial I had Friday after work. Now, I have only had 2 other facials, many years ago and they were OK, but from what I remember I spent at least half of the hour in the room alone. However, after my last massage session, I allowed myself to be convinced to try the services of the new esthetician, as the massage business is expanding. WELL......I was not disappointed.
There was not 2 minutes that she was idle. There were 2 points during the session that a lotion or "goo" has to stay on your face for 10-15 minutes. So, I expected her to either leave the room (as they usually do) or putter around. Nooooo, she gave me a foot and leg massage. IMAGINE! (I'm so glad I bothered to shave my legs that morning!) Then, as if that wasn't a nice enough surprise, while the mask was setting she did a scalp and shoulder massage! WOW
Definately worth it and was a great start to the weekend.
The butterfly rug is coming along. Probably about 3/4 hooked and I am hating it a little less. Maybe its because I know its almost finished.


  1. Your massage sounds like it was heaven on earth! Can't wait to see your rug when it is finished ...
    Just got my gripper frame the other day ...can't wait to start hooking.
    Have a great week.

  2. Hi Kim,

    Ahhh, I haven't had a facial since my last child was born - yikes - 23 years ago. Guess I'm overdue.

    Wanted to leave a socks message, since you commented on the heel part. I got an amazing "toe up" pattern from and have been doing that pattern ever since - mostly cuz I couldn't figure out the heel. This seems much easier to me.

    here's the link in case you want to try

    If that link didn't work, they're called Widdershins in the directory - search for socks in the drop down.