Thursday, January 7, 2010

Early Blossoms

Here is an early peek at the Blossoms on the new rug. The photo colors are not great, but the blossoms are a pretty soft pink with pale yellow.
Tonight I dug through my stash with a photo of a Monarch Butterfly in hand and found some colors I think (hope) will work. I'm very nervous about this butterfly and the detail. So I headed to Corinne's house with wool scraps to sneak some time with her Mom's Townsend cutter. I thought a #3 or #4 cut might help with the details. WOW, that machine is AMAZING! Cuts like butter!
Hmmm, maybe I might have to start saving my pennies for one. I'm sure if I think hard I can find a way to justify why I NEED one as opposed to just WANT one. LOL
Anyway - Back to Reality for a weekend goal is to hook the one larger Monarch butterfly on the edge of one branch. Then maybe I can see where the rest of this rug is going. I'm kind of winging it here!


  1. Kim, you are off to a great start. Looks so good.
    I love my Townsend cutter,so nice to have. Hope you find a way to get one.

  2. Gonna look divine, I betcha, Kim.....I love the soft pink color..
    BTW: is your lap frame one of those with the little nails {tacks} all around it that stick into your arms every time you use it????? :)

  3. Anne, Yes it is one of those frames BUT I have solved the problem of scraping my arm all the time. I take an old towel and fold it over the bottom row of nails to rest my arm on while hooking. Works great. And when I'm not hooking I drape the old towel over the whole thing. That protects Millie from getting snagged in the frame too!