Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heading towards the finish line

I can see the finish line in a couple of different areas. One major project has been a somewhat large scale re-organization at my workplace. This has been hanging around for close to a year and seems to be almost reading for launch. I enjoy change, so I am looking forward to it more than others. But since nothing is final yet, the uncertainty is causing considerable stress to many. I have been trying to be the "cheerleader" but after awhile it just gets to be "Rah, Rah, BLAH!"
On a more positive note, I only have one corner left to hook on the "Blossoms and Butterflies" rug! "Rah, Rah, Rah!!!"

And I actually have an idea for the next rug and even have a working sketch. It needs a little tweaking, so I may be asking for your help in the future. I have a blank spot that needs "something" but no idea what... The design will feature a crow and some blueberries and that darn empty spot. Hmmmm, just once I would like to have a complete thought....


  1. Masterpiece, Kim....I love the colors in the butterfly...

  2. Thanks Anne. I hope there are lots of people at the auction next month who share your opinion. (And bring their chequebooks!) Lol