Saturday, January 16, 2010

I was at a crossroads....

As I have been progressing with the latest rug, I had started to have mixed feelings about where it was going. I had decided on a pale sky blue for the background and I hooked a bit around the monarch and a branch or two. All good!
But the more background I hooked in, the worse I started to feel. It was kind of making me sick!! The soft pink blossoms and the soft blue sky.........I actually felt like you did when you were a kid and ate too much cotton candy at the fair!! That sickly sweet feeling......blahhhhhh!
I thought maybe I just couldn't "see" it yet, so I continued to hook in blue. Maybe this was one of those things that until its finished it won't make sense. I was getting close to a "point of no return". I had to decide ASAP what to do with the background....keep going or rip out the blue and go a more neutral color. This rug HAS to be done by Feb 12 and with my crazy life I could easily run out of time.
Plus, I realized that these pale, pastel colors and not quite my taste, but this rug isn't for me.

So I called Corinne and explained how looking at this rug made me sick and I might want to swap out some wool! I knew she would tell me the truth. Remember, she is the gal who tells me when my butt looks fat and I need my roots colored! Gotta love a friend like that! LOL

But she liked it. So I trust her opinion and I will keep going. She even had a great idea for the finishing. I think I might take it to be put in a simple rough cut, white-washed frame. So it might look like looking out an old window pane. Maybe......but for now I continue to hook in background and keep the Pepto-Bismol close just in case I get that cotton candy over-dose feeling again!


  1. Millie, I agree with Corrine. I think the blue is right for the sky behind spring flowers.
    It will probably grow on you and you won't need the pepto.

  2. Thanks Katie. I'm going to move forward and hope for the best.

  3. Hi Kim,
    You're like me, I can hardly stand to hook something I don't like! There's nothing wrong with that blue in my opinion. I think you'll like it in that frame you were talking about. It really looks like spring! Carry on! Cathy G

  4. I like it, too! Just keep going... ;-)

  5. Looks great to me...but I often have to stand back and look at my hooking or ask a neutral person for an opinion.

    Another trick is to take a picture as it looks quite different as a photo.

  6. I like it, Kim....doing a wonderful job. Should look real neat when finished....