Thursday, February 25, 2016

Early Spring isn't all sweet

After last February, one shouldn't really complain about early spring-like weather but this is me so here goes..... My first gripe started in the middle of the night.  I woke up and I was seriously overheated.  My first thought was "oh great, a hot flash" so I threw the duvet on the floor and went back to sleep.  
When morning came I got dressed to take Abby out.  My typical February early morning outfit.  Boots, scarf, gloves, parka with the hood up.  I opened the door and it was friggin tropical out.  Like almost 60 degrees and I was dressed for minus 30. (I must have looked like a moron).  Then there was the other obvious reminder of spring - the unmistakable smell of skunk
It was strong and it was close.  I never did see him but I almost got whiplash checking over my shoulder multiple times. And again this evening but now it's dark so I was even more afraid.  I just have this feeling that super social Abby is going to try and make a new friend some night.  Ughhhhh This is some seriously weird weather


  1. Oh, a new friend for Abbie? My dog tried that once...he had to stay outside for almost three days. LOL

    Weather in California is almost as odd. I have ice on my truck window at 5 am but have to use the air conditioner on my way home from work since it's 80 degrees. Hmmm...I don't want to rush Spring, but I am ready.

  2. Skunks scare the bejesus out of me. They are frequent visitors to my neighborhood and Ellie would like nothing better than to kill one. Hopefully Abby will stay clear of them.
    Snow today and 50's on Sunday.
    Hugs :)

  3. Seriously 60? We had snow and wretched winds again.... Then again, I guess in Nod even high 20's this time of year can be considered tropical. Ewww on the skunks.... A few years ago they tore up our lawn so bad that every morning it looked like someone had set off 101 hand grenades....and yes, our little Gazoo got "perfumed".... Hoping for the best.... Robin

  4. am lucky to only smell skunks on the way home from work early night...hope Abby never gets close enough to scare one!

  5. Oh no, not skunks already... Your pet store might have something to wash Abbey with if she ever has the misfortune of getting skunked. I'd get some handy just in case.

    My daffodils are popping up in the south side of the house and they are rather pale this year.

  6. It was nice today, but we are still waiting for the flu to go away. Nice to sit on the porch though and enjoy the sun, now it is windy and spitting snow again. We have a skunk that visits and eats the bird food so I use the flashlight in the area before i let the dog out.


  7. Spring is coming here. Not totally yet. We had a nice partly sunny day yesterday (shirt sleeve) weather. :)
    Today was cooler.Personally I am a cool-weather person.

    I hope you and Abby don't run into a skunk. We don't have them around here. Just birds, frogs and squirrels. They are so fun to watch too.

    Have a great Friday.
    Take care, Janet W

  8. I am still waiting for another snow storm here in Wisconsin as it is only February - lucky you!! Thanks for the morning chuckle! How's Abby liking the weather? With March approaching comes the winds...which means that the remaining dried up leafs blow around, which also means my Sophie has to chase them all pulling my arm out of my shoulder socket!

  9. We're on the same pattern only it's back to snow and cold these past few days. Last Saturday it was 70 here! Today it won't get out of the 20's...crazy! I smelled skunk off and on and when it's warm I take Chubbs out on a leash just to make sure he doesn't run toward something he might mistake as a black and white cat! Next week we're dog sitting Eddy and if he get's skunked I just might move out! Ha! Have a good weekend!

  10. Really got a good laugh over your post, you could easily be a stand up comic. One of my previous Rotties got sprayed by a skunk and boy what a mess it was go get the smell out. If I recall it was like tomato juice baths to help get rid of the smell.

  11. You are having 60 degree temps? Already? That is as warm as it is here. I agree with your little cartoons. I am so tired of those stupid flashes.
    Aw Yes, those diabolical skunks!!! I think they do just wait so they can launch an attack. Well, I hope you get to have some dyeing going on this weekend. That would be good. I am so glad it is Friday, Are you?

  12. we are the same here we got mid sixty's on Thru and today artic freeze with wind. who knows how to dress.
    ps I hate hot flashes

  13. snow here yesterday, 55 tomorrow, snow Monday...the melting flooding mess is a bit unpleasant...

    Yikes! Skunk!