Thursday, October 9, 2014

The bad, the good, and the messy

The above image explains my recent absence from blogville.  I had the worst flu bug.  I missed over a week of work.  I just couldn't do anything.  I do appreciate the blogger friends who messaged me to check in and see if I was ok.  And also my local friends who delivered me treats and medications.   I've been back to work for a couple of days and I'm feeling better despite the nagging cough that won't seem to leave.  I had several fever-induced stories to share but they seem less funny in the light of a normal body temperature.  

Now for "the good" part.  My car registration had expired.  I knew I was pushing my luck everyday so today I had to go the the Registry of Motor Vehicles.   And I only had time on my lunch break.  This place is usually a nightmare of waiting in lines forever and I figured lunch time would be the worst.  I walked in, took a number from the machine and turned the corner........the place was empty.  EMPTY.....that never happens!  I was in and out in a matter of minutes.  I should have left there and bought a lottery ticket because it felt like my lucky day.  

.....but things changed again later.  I had a nice bowl of leftover pasta and sauce in the fridge for supper.  Grocery shopping is tomorrow night so this was going to be perfect.  I put it in a bowl, heated in the microwave and on my way to the slipped out of my hands 

On the floor, on my pants, on the front of the oven and the cupboards.  The bowl resting upside down about 2 feet away from this mess......   Not only was I mad, I was also still hungry and now had to scrub the kitchen!  Supper consisted of a bag of chips and a handful of cookies while I muttered about the mess and how stupid I was.

This weekend I will get back around to your blogs.  


  1. Oh poor you, and where is Millie to lap up the pasta sauce off the floor. It would have been a fast food for her. Accidents happens to all of us. I'm glad you had some chips and cookies to fill the hole in your stomach.

    I hope your caugh doesn't last as long as mine. I'm still coughing a lot too.


  2. So glad your on the mend missed your blog:)

  3. So sorry to hear you were so sick, yuk, hate the flu.. Happy to hear though you are better but poor you and that supper on the floor.Chips and cookies are good.Blessings Francine.

  4. On my gosh Kim! Sure hope you are on the mend! I will be thinking of you and hoping you can make a trip to the market for some lettuce to go with those chips and cookies!! LOL!!
    Big hugs!!
    Cathy G

  5. What a time you have had! I would have loved to be there with a pot of chicken soup! That is the magic cure-all, you know. Glad to hear you are now on the mend, and sending along hugs. Nellie

  6. So happy to hear you are feeling better. We missed you!
    Hugs :)

  7. Oh, poor you :( What a time you have had! Sorry about dinner. But chips and cookies are good too. I have missed you.

    And yayyy for the empty DMV and quick in and out. Gosh, that rarely happens around here.

    Keep feeling better and i will pray for that and for your cough to go away.

    I just got a flu shot yesterday. So I am waiting to get the flu. :)

    Nope just kidding. We don't need anything else going on here. We have enough excitement.

    Take care of you, big hugs
    Janet W

  8. Oh my! Dwell on the good thing at the license bureau!!! Yay!!! I'm trying real hard to get over a cold by tomorrow!! Wish me luck! An no danger of me carrying leftover food ~ there is none tonite!!

  9. I think the 3 second rule would have been in play with the pasta on the floor! :). The other day my soup exploded all over in the microwave but at least it was contained. I'm glad you're feeling a little better.!

    (It's me.)

  10. Oh dear...what a perfectly awful way to get back into the swing of things after being sick!!!

  11. Oh Kim I do hope you are much improved...cold and flu season seems to have begun early this fall...everywhere you go someone is sneezing and coughing...Where was Millie when you dropped your dinner....Winslow Homer may be old and blind but let me tell you he would have cleaned your floor in no time...Looking forward to seeing pics of your sweet new home...Sending greetings from Maine...