Saturday, October 25, 2014

From failure to redemption

Today's topic - tea biscuits.  My grandmother made the best biscuits.  She could whip up a batch and have them in the oven before you could blink.  And I never saw her measure anything.  A handful of this, a pinch of that - and they were perfect every time.  I don't know if she ever had an actual recipe but if she did, she took it with her to heaven.

For some reason I've always been intimidated to try them but it's been a goal to make an edible batch.  Today was the day.  I went to the Crisco site for a recipe. I mean you'd think they would have a perfect recipe right?

Wrong!  Here is the first batch

Flat, dry and rock hard.  Seriously suitable for use as hockey pucks! I should call the organizers of The Stanley Cup to see if they would like to purchase them.   I was deflated and about to wave the white flag of surrender.  Then my Momma's stubborn streak appeared and I searched other recipes.  I found one in a Taste of Home magazine and I started all over again.

Are you ready??   Look at these beautiful, high and fluffy delights....

And as an added bonus, they were delicious!  A perfect compliment to the beef "stoup" I made earlier. If your new here "stoup" is my version of more than a soup, less than a stew.  ;)

What the heck, here's one more picture because they're just so dang pretty!

Here is the link to the recipe


  1. They look delicious! Can you give a link to the proper Taste of Home recipe, please???

  2. Thanks! Always easier when someone else has tried them first! They look better than any biscuit I ever made.

  3. mmmmm those look yummy. I hope to try them soon. Thanks for the recipe. :)

    Have a great weekend.

    Take care, Janet W

  4. Congratulations Kim, your biscuits looks even better than the ones on Taste of Home. I did checked the recipe link. I wonder why the Crisco recipe didn't do as well. The first batch didn't looked that bad. I've seen worst.
    Have a good week.

  5. They look picture perfect! It pays to persevere!

  6. Mmmmm.... biscuits! :-) Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  7. My Mom was the same way. Awesome biscuits, never measuring and always perfect. I wish I had paid more attention and had her teach me how to make them. I will check out the Taste of Home recipe. Stroup and biscuits sounds like a warm and comfy meal for a Sunday!

  8. They turned out so lovely. I really think they are quite perfect. So glad you persevered.

  9. All can think of is Ellie May on the Beverly Hillbillies. They were always burying her biscuits. Or maybe you are to young for that. Your second batch looks great especially with beef stew yumm

  10. Yum kim, it's nice to see someone else have cooking disasters lol .They turned out great🐑

  11. YUM! Any left? I'll be right over! :)