Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween (?)

This photo is a few years old.  Millie won't really tolerate getting dressed anymore.  I guess we all get more cantankerous when we get older :)

Tomorrow night all the little Trick or Treaters (aka candy beggars) will invade.  Millie will be almost psychotic by the time it's over.  She hates it.  She will be hoarse from barking.  Banging on the door, strange kids trying to grab and paw at her.  But leave her alone in another room?  That's worse.  The barking is inter-mingled with squealing wails of despair.  Not fun for anyone! 

Happy Halloween?  Don't think so :)


  1. Poor Little Millie. Soon it will be over for another year. She is not alone to have a miserable time at Halloween. Lots of other dogs hates to see all the strange ghouls at the door and the same with fireworks.


  2. Poor Millie. At least it is only one time a year.

  3. Happy Halloween, awww, sweet Millie. Blessings Francine.

  4. Poor Millie,
    At least it will soon be over.

  5. Ahhh...there's a face I've loved and missed. ;o) Poor, poor, Millie.... Snow Dog relishes this time....He'd pull or drag trick or treaters to the door if we'd let him... Unfortunately, after the year I had my real coffin out....complete with appropriately dead looking corpse....I have very few come to my door.... This year I had 6.... 4 were my nieces children I bribed to come. Smiles & Haunted Hugs ~ Robin