Sunday, July 14, 2013

You can't teach an old dog.......

No, this is not a post about Millie the Wonder Dog - it's me.  Today I felt like the old dog.  I've always been fairly tech savy.  So this morning when I decided to dig out my ipod and create a new playlist and sync it - it should have been a quick and easy task.  Hmmm, or so I thought! 

First it hadn't been synced in ages so when I plugged it in there were umpteen updates to load. In the meantime I put together my new, fun summer playlist.  All was good until I tried to sync.  All those infernal updates changed the interface.....I couldn't figure out how to sync the new playlist onto the iPod.  I'm ashamed to admit the entire process took about 2 hours.   Frustrated!!  I had better not get sick of this playlist for a long time. 

Plus it's been hot, hot, hot for days.  I hate to complain but without air conditioning this house is a sauna.
Patience has been at a premium around here and poor Momma had a few health issues late this week that complicated things and tested my nerves.   She seems better today but we are all a little off from the heat.  

It's even too hot to hook.  The thought of having that frame on my lap is just too much so I have been knitting instead.   Dish cloths anyone??  


  1. Sorry you had such a hard least you didn't throw the darn thing. We're heading into a stretch of really hot days. Don't know if I could handle it without ac.

  2. Oh I am so sorry, I had no idea it has been that hot there. Yep I am grumpy with air conditioning, I hate to think I would be without it. So you had to get Itunes 11??? My son kept saying don't update to it, well I finally did. It is so horrible and since he had fooled with it, he came in and made my page look like I was used to but I don't do much with it as I am afraid of it too. The new interface is clunky and non intuitive. In fact it sucks so it isn't you. At least you got yours synced. I think it took me days. You would think with all of the new stuff they come out with they could get someone to fix the silly thing.
    You can tell when Ron and I are syncing our I Pods. We are in here yelling at the computers. :)I hope it cools off some and you have a nice week.

  3. Heat puts my tolerance for anything pretty much at zero!

  4. Oh, I am so sorry for the heat! I don't know how I endured it when I was a child. We have had central heat and air for many years, and it is such a help!

  5. I really feel for and the Golden Girls. Here is hot too but when there is a little breeze that comes of the river, it doesn't feel as hot unless you are in full sun mowing the lawn like I did this afternoon. I only did the back and called it quit.

    I'm really not great with technical stuff and don't even own a iPod. At least you got your playlist sync into your iPod so that's good.

    That dog on ice picture is too funny but appropriate.

    I hope that your Monday turns out good.
    A cool hug,

  6. Hope mom is much better. It was hot and humid here today and will get worse as the week wears on.
    Just imagine what it is like for us techy-stupid people!!!
    Hugs :)

  7. Hi Kim, don't feel bad, I don't know anything about an I-pod, duh.....Hot and humid here too, darn, tired of sweating already.......hope your mom is ok.....Try and have a great Monday, Francine.

  8. I pretty much stick to my PC and my Kindle...I can't even navigate my phone very well! We're in for some steamy weather this coming week. I know my hubby couldn't get by without the AC...I work in freezing temps in surgery and going into heat from that makes me a bit crazy! Hope your Mom is doing better. Hot and humid are tough on the elderly.

  9. Hi Kim, Apples new interface is NOT user friendly. Like you, I went online to sync my IPhone and it took me forever to figure out how to it. It used to be so easy, why did they have to "fix" it. Hope it cools off for you soon.

  10. I am in love with your precious pooch laying on ice !
    Can I do that, too ? ;)
    Almost anytime, one of my electronic devices says I need an update - my stomach turns...because I know what is coming.

  11. No a/c?? You poor baby!! I don't know how I would survive ~ I would melt into a puddle of fat!!!!

  12. lol! Love this pic of the dog cooling in the ice! :-) I don't know how you manage without AC... It's pretty warm in our home WITH a window AC... can't get much done. Sending healing thoughts for your Mom... she's had a very difficult year... hugs!

  13. Kim sorry you have had a bumpy time. Is it Fall yet? And could it just please rain? I was pretty impressed with you doing blog posts from you iPad. I couldn't make that happen.. :)

  14. Is it that hot there and you don't have a/c?