Saturday, July 27, 2013


Today is a stark contrast to yesterday in regards to comfort levels.  The humidity yesterday was almost unbearable.  No breeze at all coming in the windows last night.  Sleep was not easy!  Ugh We all felt like crap. 

But this morning was perfect.  Nice cool breezes and a few scattered showers that were kind of refreshing.  I had a nice stroll through the Farmers Market and picked up some goodies.  We had corn on the cob, yellow string beans and beets for supper.   And this evening I made a brown sugar meatloaf for tomorrow's supper.  It's in the oven now so I'm ahead of the game for once.  All I will need to do do a few vegetables tomorrow. 

And the cooler weather inspired me to continue knitting the big chunky cowl for fall/winter.

I think another couple of inches and it will be done.  I love this lavender color.  It's a bit more muted than this picture.  It was so hard to pick a color.  Deanne Fitzpatrick has recently added a knitting room to her studio - The Electric Street Knitting Room.   She has it stocked with an amazing assortment of colors and textures.  There is a skein of silk I've had my eye on for the next project maybe....


  1. I love that lavender color!

    Wonderful finds at the Farmers Market! Were there any leftovers?:-)

  2. Oh, I wish we had a local farmer's market.
    I like your lavender cowl. Is it for yourself?

  3. glad you are de-stressing to day. enjoy


  4. It was 108 degrees here today. I can't even think about putting wool on my body for at least another 30 degrees.

  5. It is a lovely color. I am so glad you have a break and it is a lovely day. How nice to be ahead of the game.
    Enjoy your day.

  6. We have some cool going on too Kim! It feels wonderful!

  7. Ugh humidity is a curse! Keep thinking about that cool weather while knitting your cowl and perhaps the humidity will stay away!

  8. Glad you are relaxing today and I love that cat - he looks relaxed too.