Sunday, July 21, 2013

For Sale

For sale by owner.  One slightly "used" dog.  
Four pounds of insanity.
Will only drink water if someone is holding her and the bowl at the same time.
Refuses to pee if its raining.  You must be prepared to throw her out. 
Dog will pout when her feet get wet.  (Not kidding)

Demonic possession has not been ruled out.
During thunder storms you must be willing to wear her as a scarf because she will NOT peel herself away from your throat.
Begs at the table.

Do not be fooled by this face.  She is basically an evil genius at human manipulation.

Asking price : $10 million (not negotiable).  Email me for delivery arrangements 


  1. I know that no matter what you would never sell her in a million years. With that very cute face and innocent expression, I think you might be making it up. She looks totally innocent. :)

  2. Does she know you are writing all this about her for everyone to see? If so, you are in BIG trouble girl. Millie rules....
    She will make you pay.... don't be fooled. She has her ways to get even, bahhahah.......
    That look says, you ain't seen nothing yet, mama.......
    So funny that a 4 pound of fur has you wrapped around her little cute paw. Just look at those big black eyes and that shiny little black nose.

    Better you than me.

    Sending you lots of hugs so you can share some with Millie.

  3. I did not think you seriously wanted to sell that bundle of fur! :-) Give Millie an extra hug from me!

  4. Fozzie is shaking out his piggy bank right now!

  5. Oh you had me going. I was so very sad. You were kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sandie

  6. Ahh, yes reminds me of billy, my little yorkie. Sadly lost him three months ago, what a loss! Now of course I miss those things that then I thought were a pain.

    Love to you and your princess.

  7. Don't they just make us laugh AND make us frustrated? Can't help but love our eccentric pups!

  8. What a sweet post! I think many of us are familiar with those behaviors - and with the sale price. lol We wouldn't part with them for anything.

  9. Aw!!! She is such a cutie :) I know my Freddy won't pee when its raining either. And Buddy will not eat the dog food or anything else, unless you're sitting right by him. I don't know what the deal with that is.

  10. LOL. thanks for the chuckle. Maybe Millie has heat stroke.


  11. Hmmm...except for the 4 lbs she reminds me of some family members. I'd sell them for a lot less!

  12. Aw, I'm new here and walk in on a post I completely understand. I have four dogs, two cats. Of the six, 4 are scared of storms. yes, a scarf would be an understatement. Look forward to following along. Thank you for having me. Tammy

  13. Too funny!!! We have a big baby here, too, who seems to run the household!? Wouldn't trade him for the world though...

  14. Good grief, so all bichons are truly evil then? Coz my partner's got one. No one would put up with that kind of behaviour if she were a human being, but since she is a cute little dog, she can... stink to high heavens ("but she hates baths!"), whine as soon as you're out of her sight, beg at the table, wee indoors because she doesn't want to go outside, refuse her food but steal the cat's...