Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Breakfast Report

So many of you asked about the mystery of the coddled egg. Well, let me tell you....yummm. I tried it this morning and despite me over cooking it a bit, it was still great.
First thing you need to do is lightly grease the inside of the porcelain coddler and also the inside of the metal lid. Then put a small pat of butter in the bottom and break your egg into the coddler. Next you season to taste. I added just a little salt and pepper but tomorrow I'm going to add a pinch of chives. Really, you could add anything - cheese, cream etc. Lastly, add another small pat of butter to the top. (I got a bit carried away with the butter and added a little extra. One small piece would have been enough)
Now place the coddler into a pan of boiling water, but just below the metal lid.

You should boil it for about 8 minutes. I got distracted and mine cooked a little longer than I should have. When its done, carefully remove from the pan using the ring. It's hot, so I slide a knife through the hole.
Now when I removed the lid, at first I thought it wasn't cooked.

But it was, that's the butter on the top. (Yummm). You can eat it direct from the coddler with a spoon, but I took mine out so I could show you

It's a cross between a boiled egg and a poached egg. But it seems the white part is less rubbery and more creamy. I like it. Tomorrow I'm adding chives and a little cheese. So, that is a coddled egg. Two thumbs up from me.

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  1. I'm glad that you are enjoying your coddled egg. It sounds yummy but I can only eat my eggs with the yolk fully cooked. I have some silicone egg poachers that could be use with butter but there is no covers.

    Let us see what you come up with next time.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. The coddled egg looks delicious!

  3. That looks really yummy.I love a runny yoke. My Granddaughter calls them "dippy" eggs...they dip nicely in toast! Hope you have an eggstraordinary weekend!

  4. Thanks for the info.
    Happy day to you.
    Hugs :)

  5. yum Kim! now i have something to watch for while im treasure hunting!.. always fun to have something to look for! enjoy your evening!

  6. That sounds like a "6 minute egg", just without the shell and with butter! I love my eggs that way (and I love butter lol), and that looks delicious!

  7. Oh my goodness! I NEED an egg coddler!

  8. What a great way to fix an egg! I bet it was delicious! I've had a craving for eggs lately but like them scrambled the best! Your tutorial is so well done... maybe your calling is to write a cooking blog?!
    Cathy G

  9. Morning Kim, I`ll pop in the toast, you coddle my egg please....:) looks so good my friend.....Will have to keep my eyes open for one at the antique sales.....Blessings Francine.

  10. I think this is something I want to try. Looks yummy!

  11. Oh YUM! I bet there's a rush on coddlers over at Etsy right now. LOL

  12. Oh to dip your toast in the yoke yummmmmmmmm I need to get a coddler. I what happened to my grammie coddlers???