Monday, February 25, 2013


Yeah, I'm not going to win any awards for bravery in this post.  And it is fairly certain that there is a zero chance that I will ever survive in the medical field should I ever (god forbid) have to change careers. 
Some of you may already know this, but for you newbies you should know that I have a strong, adverse, irrational and possibly definitely over-dramatic reaction to stitches.
(Got goosebumps just typing the word)

So Mom got her bandages removed today.  The nurse arrived at lunch time before I had a chance to eat.  Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I was helping her get Mom undressed etc and I really wanted to know for myself that the incision was healing properly.  (Yeah, I know - What was I thinking...?)  So the first corner of the bandage was peeled back.......and that's when I saw it......a thread sticking out!  GAW....UGH.....OMG   

I practically got whiplash turning my head, the stomach flipped a little and my legs turned to over-cooked spaghetti.   (See - overly dramatic but its true)  I had to leave the room.  So I relied on the nurse's opinion that it was indeed healing well, and then I asked her (OK, begged really) if she would please apply another bandage.   Whew!!  It's covered again.  I think it's safe to say that this part of the process was much harder on me than on Mom :) 

So after that point lunch was completely out of the question but on my way back to work I did buy these to try and forget......
 These little fella's always make things better.  

Now on to a quick Oscar recap.  I don't know if you watched but if you missed it - you didn't miss much in my opinion.  The intro of Christopher Plummer with the Captian VonTrapp bit was funny and the ensemble performance by the cast of Les Mis was fabulous.  The best part was the music they played when the winners droned on too long with their speeches - the theme from JAWS.  That was hysterical.

The bit with Captain Kirk was just stupid.  I managed to watch until around 11pm and then had enough.  I did miss the big fall!  Dang it.  We always wait for someone to fall up the stairs and it finally happened and I missed it.  I did feel bad that it was Jennifer Lawrence though.  Too bad it hadn't been the dude who accepted his Oscar in a kilt.  Now that would have been a memorable moment.  FLASH!  Lol


  1. Good news that your mother is healing nicely. I'm not sure I'm cut out for anything in the medical profession, either, though I did see a few stitches at times with one of our accident-prone daughters.

  2. This is cracking me up!! I did not go into nursing for a reason...!! Although I'd like to think I could handle it...pretty sure I couldn't!! Also, I guess I secretly wait for a fall all the time, and it's hilarious that you missed it...and the kilt...even better!!

  3. Hi Kim,I am glad your Mom is healing up,Poor Kim, I worked in a lab for 18 years. I always remember walking into histology dept one day and them warning me Don't step on the Leg.Awww! Have a good week.

  4. Just leave all that stitching stuff for me! You don't even want to see what I do all day! Glad your Mom is healing nicely. I did catch the end of the Oscars..Wish I had just gone to bed. Maybe I wouldn't be so tired today! However,those eggs could be the answer to all our surgery problems!

  5. Well thankfully your mom is doing better! And I agree that mini creme eggs really help!
    And as for kilts - we watched a home video where a Scottish guy was skiing of all things in a kilt and he did fall over!!!
    And no - he wasn't wearing any undies!

  6. I am glad your mother is healing nicely.

    I don't like to look at that kind of thing either.

  7. Happy your Mom is getting better and I cannot stand things like that either......yummy eggs too......Didn't watch, Francine.

  8. Good evening Kim, I am glad to read your mom is making great progress. I do not do well with needles nor the sight of blood, but when you have children you "suck it up" and appear brave...Cadbury Cream Eggs are a favorite in this house, however, I no longer buy them as I have no self control, I would happily devour the entire bag...I am shameless...Greetings, Julie.

  9. Do you get that shivery feeling deep inside when you see something like those stitches? Shiver is right! I was in attendance when my son had stitches due to a soccer wound and the last I heard for awhile was, "Get that Mom out of the room. Catch her!" I like to think and from past experience, should there be an emergency, I can rally myself to do what is needed. The aftermath, however, is going to require some smelling salts for me!

  10. I am like you...I could never have been a nurse -- especially to my own loved ones. I didn't watch but about two minutes of the Oscars...the part I tuned in one seemed pretty boring. Enjoy your evening.

  11. I stayed up and watched the whole thing - kind of a slow show. Loved Jennifer Hudson, Les Mis cast, Adele. Most of the dresses were lovely. Except for the gal in the fushia tights whose hair looked like a rat's nest - accepted an award for hair and makeup - Really?? And the woman who accepted an award for "Brave" - cobalt blue saloon dress. Who told her that that looked good? See, we could sit together and be the mean girls. :)

    Glad that your mom's incision is healing well. Yes, you are a weenie. :)

  12. Stitches don't bother me as much as - - - - staples!!! My mother had the inside of both legs stapled after a heart procedure and I gagged..... I stapled my finger once and I sat there looking at it, knowing that I had to get it out. The thought of the nurse pulling all those staples out had me fleeing the room. Thanks heavens for people who can deal with these things, right?

  13. I feel bad for you and your mom - hugs.
    I always watch the pre-show don't really care much about the winners or not. I thought the dresses were pretty this year.

  14. I am a wimp and just reading the first part of your post I thought I was going to pass out.
    I don't know what happened to me but I can't even watch a show that gives someone a shot. I think a bag of Cadbury mini eggs would make me feel better. I am glad she is doing better and so are you.

  15. I am or should say was a wimp but I married Tim the Tool Man.
    he always had something stitched,stapled, or broken.I became
    very good at taking out stitches becasue ol Tim wasn't about to pay a Dr to cut a few pieces of thread.
    So that's my story.

  16. Oh dear, feeling faint at the sight of stitches. Don't feel like you're the only one. Apparently a lot of people feel like that at the sight of an operation cut that has been stitched.

    Maybe I would have made a good OR nurse because I've seen a doctor putting his finger in an open wound on my daughter's forehead feeling for small pebbles in there after she split her head open when she was little. She had fallen off her bike. She was hysterical when she was being treated at the hospital and wouldn't let me out of her sight and they stitched her while I looked on.

    I'm glad that your mom is healing well. It a blessing.
    Have a great week.

  17. I'm so glad to hear that everything is going well with your mom's recovery from her surgery. I didn't have stitches with my surgery. I had staples. There were so many of them that I couldn't count them! The drains were stitched in though which was a good thing.

    I seen the fall and it was hilarious! I didn't watch from the beginning and where I haven't seen really any of the movies I was a little lost. I know who a few celebs were but not as many as I used to! lol

  18. I absolutely love Jennifer Lawrence....I didn't watch, but I did see the video on the news. I love Cadbury more reason to love spring!


  19. Hi Kim, I am glad you are getting better. We all have our little quirks when it comes to taking care of someone. You can do a lot if you really have to surprising enough even though you don't think you can. I did see her trip on the steps. They had to take the front seat out of the car to get her there. I didn't watch all of it, but I actually wonder who picks out some of the gowns. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  20. Stitches!!!!ooooof...and off the chair I go...