Sunday, February 17, 2013

Busy hands

I decided some mindless busy work was what I needed to settle down. So I grabbed the knitting needles. I don't have to think much and it's quite soothing actually.
My very first thing was to finish a project I started weeks ago and abandoned. I started from scratch because I wasn't happy with my first attempt. This one had to be special. It's for the Pink Scarf Project to support women fighting breast cancer. Appropriate, right! This is my completed Infinity Cowl Scarf

I have a similar style one and I love it wrapped around twice. Very cozy. Later this week it will be popped in the mail to Yaya from Whispering Pines blog. They will then be distributed by Donna of Starkey Hollow who will give to chemo patients.

Then I moved on to some dish cloths. This is always my go-to project when I'm fidgety

Mom finally (huge sigh) slept last night - over 7 hours - in a row! Hallelujah
So that meant I got some rest. I'm hoping the trend continues tonight. Her incision site seems to be bothering her more today, but I think that's a sign its healing.

This is the wonderful supper my friend Katherine sent over. It was delicious.

And lastly, tonight's the last episode of Downton Abbey for the season. It seems like it just started!
I know I haven't been visiting your blogs every day and I owe some of you some emails. I'll catch up eventually.

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  1. LOVE the scarves! Will have to check out that program. I don't knit but do crochet and I have been a crocheting fool lately! Only know how to make scarves tho! I guess I needed a break from hooking!
    So glad your mom slept!!!

  2. So glad she slept. Your knitting is so nice. It makes me always want to start knitting when I see your things. Well, email me just a word or two when you finish Downton. I am so curious to what you think.
    Have a nice evening.

  3. Glad your mom slept for a good stretch and then you, too! The scarf is very pretty and I'm sure will make someone's day. Here's hoping you get some more sleep!

  4. Glad Mom is getting better and sleeping and so are you.


  5. You don't owe anyone anything - you've been a little preoccupied! Your knitting looks so nice. And it's good for the soul. I'm so glad you've gotten some sleep. *hugs*

  6. i just love the color and the stitch!

  7. I am so glad you and mom got some rest last night. Your mother is your top priority right now and that is at it should be.

    I think the scarfs are beautiful!

  8. Good Morning
    SO happy you were able to get some rest.
    Love your cowl and clothe.
    Praying still.
    Big hugs too

  9. Glad your mom and you got some rest. Downton Abbey oh no poor Matthew:(
    love your knitting projects I just need to do someting.

  10. Morning Kim, happy to hear your Mom slept through the night, good for her and you........Pretty color your knitting, Blessings Francine.

  11. Kim, so happy to hear that you and your mom got some rest! Love the cowl and cloth!

  12. Kim you are the bestest! What a pretty cowl and a nice thing to do. So glad your Mom and you got some sleep. That lasagna looks positively absolutely delicious. Man I love me some noodles with red sauce!

  13. Kim
    That's a pretty stitch you used for your pink scarf. I almost looks like a bubble from here.
    I'm glad your Mom is sleeping better and is on the mend. I'm still praying for her.
    Take care-Kimberly

  14. Get some rest! Downton Abbey Really! How could they. It's tough to be the heir.HUgs Cheri

  15. Thank you so much for your visits to Cranberry Morning. I've been reading back through your blog to see what's happening. Sounds like you (and your mom) have been through a lot! I hope her recovery is good and as speedy as possible. These are difficult times. Good idea to keep the knitting needles going. I have done no knitting this winter, but just got a great honeycomb pattern I might try.

    Wish Season Four of Downton were starting next week!

  16. your scarf is very nice. so glad you both got some sleep-don't worry about keeping up with emails and blogs-just take care of you and your mom-hugs

  17. Hi Kim,
    Love your scarf ... yep, the seed stitch is very easy, no real thinking required! So nice of you to send them along.
    Glad to hear your Mom got some rest, sending prayers her way. Try and get some rest yourself. Take care.