Thursday, November 29, 2012

Everyday Angels

Sometimes we get busy and forget to stop and look around. When we take a moment to pause its easy to see there are angels everywhere. Today was Mom's Adult Day-Care program. The women who work and volunteer to run this program are angels. Not only to our family, but to the other participants as well.

It can't be easy. There are a dozen clients, each at various stages of the illness. I know just from what I've seen at drop offs and pick ups, it can get a little hectic for everyone. But these Angels never show a single sign of frustration. Always upbeat, smiling and cheerful. It always inspires me to know that I can entrust Moms care to them for a day.

Today at the pick-up, things seemed a little more chaotic than usual. But even in all that, they took the time to fill me in on the day, what she ate, and even a funny story. I'm not sure if this makes sense, but it kind of put my day back in perspective. It makes you appreciate the simple little things we often overlook.

On another note, I've been thinking of trying to spruce up the blog. I have no ideas....yet. But I just think I've let things get a little stale. And when I logged in tonight I noticed I lost a follower :(. I know it's silly. I remember reading someone else's post awhile ago about losing followers. She said she likes to imagine they died so it doesn't feel so much like they left her on purpose. I don't know why but that made me giggle.

Just in case you were wondering, I really appreciate each and everyone who comments or even just reads my babble. I've encountered quite a few Angels through blogland. Thank You :)

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  1. It is so nice your mom has some wonderful angels looking after her.
    I hate to lose followers I always wondered what I did to offend them.

  2. Evening Kim, yes, there are Angels around us, glad their around your Mom, sad you lost a follower, oh well, Hugs Francine.

  3. I am so glad you have such a great group of Angels to trust your Mom with. That is so sweet. I hate loosing followers too, but do you know sometimes people stop blogging and when they shut down the blog the followers just disappear? So maybe something like that happened. It always bothers me too. :) But tomorrow is Friday!!!

  4. Kim ~
    SO HAPPY you have angels taking care of mom!!!
    Oh, how I HATE losing followers. I take it kind of Silly, I know.
    Hugs :)

  5. It takes one to know one!! Angels that is!! And in my book ~ you are one!!!!

    Yes, I take it personally, too when a follower quits following ~ but who knows why ~ I'll worry about that tomorrow!!,

  6. I agree with you that the people working with your mom and others like her are angels. There is no other way to describe what they do. I know I couldn't do it.

  7. I am currently in the works of writing my story on my years of owning the carehome it was an assisted living but it allowed me to understand the importance of caring for other peoples loved ones regardless of chaos. I seem to be adding followers but anonymously it is unsettling why follow in secret?? I wouldn't worry of those who drop off they probably never commented anyway and what is a follower who never comments?? Exactly!!

  8. I look every day to see if you have written on your blog. I don't "follow", but do enjoy your blog very much!

  9. I work in a facility with an ADP and they too are Angels. Such a special group of women who I truly admire. It's so good to hear your Mom is with such a happy group as well. Your blog is wonderful as is, easy to read and follow, a must go to every day for me. Thank you.

  10. Good Morning Kim! Adult Day Care is a gift and when the people that work there enjoy their job and truly care about the people entrusted to their care, well it is just the bestest! That whole following thing has always befuddled me.. :) I changed my picture for my google follower thingie and wanted to change the name from Rural Rambles since that blog is parked and out of service. Tried to change it to Under the Oaks but Blogger wasn't having any of it! Enjoy your Friday.. :)

  11. Hi Kim, I can really sense your gratitude for the angels who take care of your mom and you are one of them too. You are such a good daughter to your Mom and and even to Auntie, although it can get a bit frustrating at time, you always do your best and we know that it's difficult on a daily basis.

    I worry also of loosing not so much just followers but friend blogger followers who I bore to death with my constant work or may offend with my long comments. I always want to help people and I am sincere about it but sometimes I get carried away and I know it.... I then blame God for it because He made me that way, but He still loves me anyway. lol. I also worry that people don't want my hugs but I hug anyway just in case they need one.

    See what I mean about long comments.

  12. Hi Kim, There are angels all around us and sometimes they have faces we can see!Your an Angel to your mom! Hugs Cheri

  13. I sure admire the angels that work in specialty areas of health care. I'm so glad your Mom has a great place like that. Hey, you didn't lose a follower....that follower lost a great blog! Have a good weekend.

  14. I was going to just silently sleuth through your prior posts and do my catching up quietly and guiltily without annoying you with a bunch of over-due comments on prior posts....but this one made me pause....First, because I so relate to your "mother" issues - it is wonderful that she and you have a reprieve at least one day a week - it does sound "heavenly." (Sorry - very bad pun...) Secondly - the lost follower thing. I, personally can't keep track...One day the count shows one thing, the next day it shows 3 more, but as far as I can tell, there's no one new there. I've given up trying to figure out who's following and "following back." If they comment regularly, I will try to "hunt them down" and follow back though. As far as "losing" followers - don't take it personally....I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea...They may have visited me on a "good day" and then decided I have more "not-so-good" days than good ones. Or, someone who thinks I'm a hooker (HA!) but then (slowly) learns that it's only about once a year that I manage to finish they leave. All I'm saying is, it isn't always personal....Oh...and sometimes I choose to follow a blog and the follow doesn't "take"....I go back weeks later, only to find I'm not a follower after all. (Blogger limits the number of blogs you can follow - and sometimes, it's just plain WEIRD....) I rambled. Sorry. Hugs ~ Robin