Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's starting to feel like.....

It took me a little longer to embrace it this year. But there is no denying it now - Christmas is just around the corner. Our little town is in full swing. It started with our first Black Friday promotion followed by the big Town Light Up ceremony Friday night. And last night Santa stopped by our parade of lights.

The stores seem to have stepped up their decorations and shoppers seem to be getting on the "buy local" bandwagon. It's all good. You can feel the change of attitude downtown. However, despite weeks of unseasonably warm weather, the cold chill of late November blew in this morning. (With a vengeance). Perhaps just in time to snap me into Christmas mode.

My rug has stalled again. I started hooking in the background and I'm just not feeling it. Part of me said " just hurry up, finish it, and move on". The other part of me said "sleep on it". So that's what I did. It sits in the corner.

Yesterday when I was downtown I saw some cute knit cowl scarfs. I thought "I could make those". So last night after the parade I grabbed my knitting needles and some fun boucle yarn and made this

It is very cozy and came in handy today with that cold wind blowing. I've started another one in beige but its different yarn and its not knitting up as quickly. If I can find some more of the boucle yarn I might make a few and see how they do on etsy.

I can't believe Christmas is just a month from today. I guess it's going to come whether I'm ready or not ;)

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  1. Cute scarf! I don't knit but I guess I could learn. I'm not sure if I have the talent or patience would be fun to just "whip up" something like that! I'm good at whipping up chocolate chip cookies but unfortunately they keep you warm by adding fat to the old bod instead of wool! I think yesterday was small business shopping day. Our town will have it's parade and special shopping day next weekend. I'm looking forward to that! Our weather turned cold on Friday after a very beautiful and warm Thanksgiving on Thursday. Some snow flakes helped push me into atleast decorating!

  2. Hey, love that scarf!
    That chunky look is great. I think you have a chance at a modeling career, too!

  3. I love that scarf. It really does looks so nice. Okay who is the model? It looks like you took the picture out of a magazine. We have storms starting on Wednesday. It has been so warm here I hope that our winter finally does start.
    I am so glad your Downtown is hopping. My sister lives in a small town and they did the same thing and it was nice to see the downtown in her area hopping too.
    I hope you have a wonderful week. Yay for Christmas!

  4. Kim, your cowl scarf is beautiful, wow, you whipped that up in an evening... just in time for the cold weather. It's very cold here too.

    I'm glad that your town is in full swing with the Christmas spirit. All your hard work is paying off.

    I love the picture of you modelling the scarf. You would make a great model. I'd love seeing your whole face though.
    Stay warm and toasty.


  5. Very nice scarf - hard to believe it is one month away! LOL You are getting in the spirit! sandie

  6. Cool scarf! I'm not feeling Christmas yet. We will be close to 60 degrees most of this week and next weekend. I am sad Thanksgiving is over.

  7. Hi Kim, looove the scarf, so pretty....yes, a month away.....Christmas decorating for me......Blessings Francine.

  8. Neat scarf! Yes. It needs to be cold to grab some Christmas spirit. I was decorating over the weekend and did not get too far with it because it was too warm. Going to snow some here tomorrow, so might be decorating some more after work.

  9. Love it! It is really cold here too - drgging out the scarves and mittens. I am almost finished with Christmas decorating - want it done so I can enjoy and have some time to make some gifts.

    DWTS finale coming up - woohoo!