Saturday, November 3, 2012

Falling back....

Yes, it's time to fall back. Not only the clocks, but it's time for me to fall back to normal. (Stop laughing, normal is relative Lol). It's taken me longer to get back on track after the crazy schedule of the past 2 months. The old gal doesn't bounce back as quickly as before!

I'm struggling to get back to routines and I haven't been sleeping well. My old pillows have seen better days and since tonight we get an extra hour of sleep (Yeehaw) I wanted to ensure that hour wasn't wasted staring at the ceiling trying to adjust those lumpy pillows. So 2 new fluffy beauties for tonight!

And I finally dug out the frame to finally finish the small rug I started a month or so ago. After I pulled those first few loops I remembered how much I missed it.

I need to get this finished so maybe I can squeeze in a couple of small holiday themed mats. And today I kind of committed to a commissioned piece. If I can make it work I think it will be very cool.

Thanks for all the great comments on our new town hall. I will probably post more pics over the next few weeks as more finish work is completed.

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  1. Kim, I can sympathize with you on not getting a good sleep. I have a sore neck and shoulder and I'm always in pain so I get a bad sleep.

    I hope that the new pillow works and That you take advantage of the extra hour of bedtime. How cleaver of you to get a new pillow in time for the change of time.

    Congratulations on doing a commissioned piece. I know that it will look nice as all your works. I can't figure what it is.... you tease.... looking forward to seeing it all hooked.

    Hope that you get your beauty sleep because I'm having a hard time getting mine.

  2. Hey There, I am glad you got a few loops filled, and I hope that you get some much needed shut-eye today.
    You committed to a commission? That is so cool, you are a beautiful (wool) Hooker. :)Have a nice long sleep.

  3. I keep forgetting about setting the clocks back, thanks for the reminder. Hope you enjoy your new pillows. It's always hard to know if your going to like them until you sleep on them. When I look at them in the store, I can never decide on what kind I want.

  4. I love new pillows, but I love new sheets more. Get a good nights sleep and enjoy that extra hour. I'm off to take the tour of the Town Offices.

  5. New pillows (like new jammies/nitegown) are always really realllyyyyy great. New pillows are one of those human comforts that give far beyond the value of the purchase cost!

    My newest cozy passion (coveted as in if the DH even looks at it I snarl, lol) is my electic heated throw blanket. This 142 year old farmhouse is a lot of wonderful things but warm in the winter just ain't one of them lol! A couple of years back I discovered the magical land of electric throws ~ birds sang, rainbows appeared, symphonic music filled the air for the joy of it :-) (I know I need to get a life but being warm REALLY WARM for a few pennies a week is SO neato, lol).

    The odd thing (and here's my long awaited point, per normal) is I swear I sleep better. Maybe due to not tense from freezing my arse off pre-bedtime. Or because it lets me comfotably read, watch TV and totally unwinding from the day? Who can say... but it's made a significant difference in my quality of sleep.

    Now I just need to get a new pillow!

    Sleep tight :-)
    (and fer cryin out loud DON't ever get 'normal' roflmao - I'd miss the oh-so-funny not normal "you")


  6. I have had several restless nights lately. I hope your new pillows work for you!

  7. Well ~ how did they work? I want new pillows too ~ never know what kind though! Hope it helped! I never have a sound night's sleep ~ it would be wonderful!!

  8. Kim ~
    Playing blog catch-up here!
    Millie looked so sweet in her costume. Our trick or treat is tonight having been postponed because of Sandy and we are 500 miles from the ocean! You looked pretty darned sweet, too, at 5 months.
    Your new town hall is gorgeous. I just love old buildings but so often the mentality is new is better - NOT!
    I'm glad you were finally able to dust off the frame and pull a few loops. Did the pillows help? If I ever slept through the night, I would "wake up dead"!
    Hugs :)

  9. Morning Kim....did you sleep well on the pillow?????????........Happy Hooking.....Francine.

  10. Ima have a hard time adjusting to this time change. Do.Not.Like. losing an hour of daylight at night! Hope you slept well on your new pillows!

  11. Oh, new pillows make all the difference! Every few years Ben will get us new ones for Christmas and it's like sleeping on a perfect cloud. I'm so glad you've had time to hook again... Extended periods of time away from wool is really bad for your health! ;)

  12. I am getting caught up Love the new town hall it is big. And I love the detail it should be a joy to walk into that building every day. I have issues sleeping all of the time how did the new pillows work?
    I hope you enjoyed your extra hour tonight

  13. I know I should enjoy the extra hour of sleep but for some reason I always struggle with this time change. Maybe it's the dark coming earlier..hate that! It's 6pm now and black as midnight. I really feel it at work when it's 3 and I feel like it's 4 and I'm ready to call it quits! Hope you can sleep good with new pillows and the extra hour. Have some zzzzz's for me!

  14. Oh how I enjoyed my extra hour of sleep! I also enjoyed my tour, very fancy digs you are working in! Have a good day tomorrow, Julie.

  15. Enjoy some extra sleep Kim and new pillows are so great we forget the joy of them because frankly they are one of those items we just don't think about replacing often hmmm I think I might sneak some in on the Christmas list thanks ;]