Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Move - Part 1

You know I've been antsy to get my office moved to the new building. I was scheduled for tomorrow. I started the day being in good shape, roughly 50% packed. I had time and had a plan.

But you know how I sometimes get ahead of myself (and open my big Yap). This morning I casually mentioned that if the schedule moved quicker than expected, I could be ready to go early. (I was kind of bluffing) 11:30 they advised me that my moving crew would be taking my office things at 1pm.

Oh Crap! Three trips to the basement for extra boxes and literally just throwing in until full and taping up! (Approx 20 boxes). Can you say Hoarder? Lol I was still taping boxes while they were dismantling my desk around me.

It's amazing how much bigger a room looks when it is completely empty. Here is the only pic I took today as the first piece of my desk arrived. The rest of the furniture arrived soon after this.

More pics once I get it all pretty. But for now all the furniture is in and set up and then there is the tiny matter of all those boxes....

My first goal was to get my desk sorted. Now which box has the phone, cords, cables etc...? The very last (yes last) box I opened. How does that always happen? By the time I found that stuff it was almost 4:30 and I was tired and cranky.

Tomorrow I will get to the rest of those boxes! I promise ;)

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  1. I know you will be glad to get all settled in. Moving anywhere is a big headache.

  2. Now don't you see? You are ahead of the game. You were supposed to move tomorrow and now you already are so you can get your boxes all opened and you are done. You can put your feet up and rest. I think you totally deserve a very long rest. :)

  3. Ah the bluff lol - it seems to beckon to the powers of the universe, calling the fates to arrange for the improbable to occur! (dammit! lol) But as Farm girl mentioned you ARE now one step ahead and having found your cords (in the last box searched? Of course silly!) you are well on your way to functional. The true nesting/pretty-ing fun decorating of the new office to follow (woot!)

    As for the bazillion boxes of papers/files et al to unpack, well we won't speak of those just yet roflmao -

    PS new office looks fab - congrats on the new digs and surviving the move (especially so close on the heels of all the election work). Speaking of votes, I vote you have an earned and deserved whine and wine at your earliest opportunity!


  4. Love the new office. The wood framing on the window is great.

    I am sure you are better and faster at unpacking than I am.

    We have been at our new place for nearly three months and I still haven't got our boxes unpacked. We need to find our coats and gloves, etc. The cold weather is here.

    Hope you will share more pictures when you've got your office all pretty...then will you come over and help me unpack? :)

    Take care my friend, Janet W

  5. Hi Kim....great new office....Happy for the fun begins....The unpacking....Enjoy..Francine.

  6. I hope you enjoy your new office. Unpacking is usually a good time to sort out the unnecessary

  7. Yeah... congratulations. That has been a very busy time for you lately. As you say goodbye to the old office and hello to the new one, I'm sure that many memories will come flooding through your mind as you unpack those boxes.

    I agree with Kim H. that you are ahead of the game.

    Enjoy your new office and I think that it's cold enough to wear your new suit and the turtleneck sweater and the new boots.

    Take care.

  8. busy busy busy! at least tomorrow is friday! soon you will be settled in and making it cozy! enjoy your day kim!

  9. That'll teach you to open your mouth! But at least you got a jump on it, and I'd rather be done, than still thinking about it!

  10. Wow, your new office looks great; greater I'm sure once your things are put in order...How much will go to the garbage, I wonder? Wouldn't want to mess up your new surroundings....Great job, Kim...

  11. Of course your phone, cord and cables were in the very last box you opened, what did you expect?! lol
    Enjoy your new office!

  12. Congrats on a new office...good luck with the sorting and redoing...I swore that the next time we moved anywhere I was just going to burn everything and start over. I'm a dreamer by nature!

  13. Wow girlfriend you have been soooo busy. I hope you took a break over the weekend for some you time.
    So glad your moved now and it is behind you. I like your new office and I hope you do too.
    Can't wait to see the way you fix it up.
    Love your new background too and my beautiful starfish is in your headboard. Not a day goes by that I don't smile when I look at my rug.
    Love ya